Google Play Books sales

Bulk up your digital book library on the cheap

Google Play is kicking off a big sale of books, putting over 100 bestselling titles on sale up to 75 percent off. Usually you expect to see lesser-known or old titles on sale at this time of year trying to capitalize on folks who are in the buying mood, but putting some of the best books out the right now at deep discounts is great to see.

Popular titles like the Hunger Games trilogy, Ender's Game and more are all here, and they're at some pretty amazing prices — some as low as $1.99. If you're looking to pick up digital copies of some of the hottest books out there right now, or just want to build up your Google Play Books library for the future, hit the link below.

100 bestsellers on sale at Google Play

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Google Play has 100 bestselling books up to 75% off


You mean below

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Black Friday and cyber Monday all came from the USA post-thanksgiving shopping sprees

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It sounds like all sales are always only in usa. Lucky that Canon and Nikon offers sales also in Europe widely, not only in usa like all these phone/acc manufacturers... Anyway, lucky that most of the apps are on sale here too. Hopefully in the future too - have already seen some apps that are only sales in usa and Play tells "this app isnt on your region" and then finding the app again, it is as normal price... I wonder when they are going to change this for all. Hopefully never...

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Yeah I got - - - you I was gonna make a 50 shades and twilight joke but I just can't

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I just went on a shopping spree, lol. I got a lot of great books, and I probably spent less than 20 dollars.

Thanks, for the tip, AC!!

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Thanks for the heads up AC! The Stieg Larsson series is up for basically a steal!

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Saw this start on Friday, went to Amazon anyway since they have a better deal for me.

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So Google couldn't afford to add those overpriced nexus accessories to the cyberweek sale?

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This is a great deal! Bought quite a few titles. Even got a couple I already have on audible. Finally I can reference particular chapters I want to read while listening!

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