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Some users with the 3.8.16 version of Google Play are seeing the "Redeem" entry show up in their menu, pushing us that much closer to live Google Play gift cards. This is happening with no hacking or tearing apart apk files, but not every phone is seeing it yet. Case in point -- my HTC One X has the right version, but the menu entry is missing, while my Galaxy Nexus has it.

We're pretty certain that it's something server side, and until the gift cards start hitting stores en masse, there's no reason to fret if you aren't seeing it just yet. We're excited though, as gift cards are something that's been on our wishlist for quite a while. 

To check if your phone is ready for them, just fire up the Google Play app and open the overflow menu. Feel free to shout out in the comments if you're seeing it, and of course any ideas to force it to happen will be welcome. There's a screenshot after the break of the page itself.

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Google Play gift card redemption now showing in some Play store apps


i have it on my og evo 4g (rooted ics) and my tab 7.0 plus (rooted jb)been waiting for this for ever so long money now i have no excuse to load the kids up and can not say i'm not giving you my credit card.

It shouldn't matter what version of Android you're running. But you have to be running version 3.8.17 of the Play Store.

Showing on my Nexus 7, Store version 3.8.17 (is 3.8.17 Nexus 7 specific?)
Not Showing on Sprint GNEX version 3.7.15

I have the Verizon Galaxy S3 with Play Store version 3.8.16. I don't see it in the menu but if I choose to buy an app and tap on my pay with, I can tap redeem and it gives me a spot to input a code.

I have it on my LTE Tab 10.1 running the stock Honeycomb build 3.2.
All i did to pull the update was: Application> Manage Applications> Google Play Store & Clear Data AND Clear Cache, Force Stop.

Shows up on my Samsung Galaxy S running Gingerbread (no root). It's running store version 3.8.17. So apparently age makes no difference.