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Who likes might-as-well-be-free Android apps? You do, that's who. Today Google Play kicked off day two of their $0.25 sale with a whole slew of new titles. They are:

And then there's the stuff that went on sale yesterday...

Did you guys find anything newly on sale today? Any favorites?

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justinangil says:


Agreed. I didn't buy anything yesterday b/c I don't use most of the games or apps I got the last time around. FIFA was the only thing that piqued my interest but, like most games I buy, I probably wouldn't use it much after the first time. I just don't play games very often on my phone or tablet.

ccm435 says:

Found "World of Goo" twice. ;)

kgeissler says:

Nothing really great. I got Doubletwist Alarm clock, not because I need an alarm clock, but it may come in handy sometime.

HAAS599 says:

World of goo for .25 is a deal. If you haven't already bought this game, you have 0 reasons not to now.

I think mini motors is a good deal also and I got flick rugby because Flick golf is awesome.

Funkpod says:

agreed. World of Goo is incredible.

briankariu says:

Got fifa 2012 and cut the rope!! Man, I need to recharge my debit card because I see myself buying all the apps..
Sees new 25cent app, buys all the apps!

IceDree says:

Hi Guys,
Does the Sketchbook mobile work & scale properly on Tablets? Or do I have to get the Pro instead ?

n0obpr0 says:

The Sketchbook mobile works flawlessly on my N7

Burner2K0 says:

Nothing exciting :/

Hand_O_Death says:

Looks like the apps change daily but the music, books, and movies stay the same.

cjlosh says:

Where did you find the list for Music and Movies?

toxicious says:

Swiftkey 3 is on sale! :)

Yep, saw it for $1. Not sure if I should get that since I really like Swype.

Incubus123 says:

You should, you might just change ur mind..

That really made part of my day. Still I'm so much faster Swyping.

still1 says:

The only think i dont like about swift is for tablet you need a tablet app.

ChromeJob says:

Not necessarily. Swiftkey 3 is fine for a 7" tablet like the Nexus 7.

And Swiftkey 3 is not part of this 25¢ sale, it's 99¢.

ratatattata says:

On the app info, it sais it is a part of it.

axllebeer says:

After getting this and customizing it, it's the 1st 1 that I actually like better than the stock HTC keyboard on the LTE Evo. So thanks for the heads up.

axllebeer says:

Been looking for a good office suite. No complaints from me.

apxitektop says:

=((( We are most need SketchBook PRO for Tablets...

ChromeJob says:

I bought Sketchbook Mobile last night (hey, I spend more than 25¢ just driving to the store for milk), it looks and works fine on the Nexus 7. I also thought, the simplicity will be better for my daughter on the N7 she's getting for Christmas.

alcor34 says:

I wish they would post stuff i didn't already own lol

leobloom says:

Not sure how long it lasts but the BBC Good Food App is normally a free download with 20 popular recipes and then you can buy in app purchases of 7 additional cook books containing 1260 recipes, however they are now offering all 7 cook books for FREE, they are normally £1.49 each so you save £10.43!!!

solstoned says:

awesome! thx.

OffKilter says:

Great I picked up all the books! Thanks

PrissyPJ says:


MJKearney says:

Thanks! Good find!

hmmm says:

Well, there goes a buck. World of Goo, Break the Rope and that dungeon farmville looking game seem worth trying out.

nolan.b says:

Picked up World of Goo and Experiments for the kids. Hoping to see more non-gaming apps next couple days.

And what's the deal, they had a .10 cent deal a while back, so 50 billion we'll pay .50 cents? pffft :)

nfalletta says:

Glad to see some more go on sale...i have a lot more in my nexus 7 play credit to use, but also my Hive Player music player is still on sale for $1.25 if anyone is interested:

mcleodglen says:

Before they offered those other '25' sales, I wish they'd let people in New Zealand buy them at all.

ChromeJob says:

FWIW, the email sent to one of my accounts shows "Where's My Perry?" in one of the balloons for the 25¢ app sale announcement. So Where's My Perry (current 99¢) may go cheap between today and Sunday.

I'd pick up the Sketchbook app, but it looks like Sketchbook Pro, which is "optimized for Honeycomb tablet devices." Bought Goo and Granny Smith earlier today. I'm not sure about Mini Motor Racing. I know, I know -- it's only 25¢. <:}

I can recommend Paper Camera at this price, it's a fun way to snap things (and it doesn't suffer from "Instagram-like-itis" syndrome).

Confession: I'm buying apps I plan to use on my Galaxy Note II. I think I'm a little obsessed.

mssca says:

SwiftKey 3 keyboard also on sale for .99. Got it as soon as it hit the market.

mssca says:

Removed comment due to double post. sorry.

Dayglo98 says:

Granny smith
Office something
Mini racers
Symphony of eternity
Paper camera
Auto desk sketch

Gonna go buy SwiftKey now thanks to for the heads up

xeroslash says:

I was actually excited to see Cut the Rope: Experiments here, but after reading the reviews I think I'll pass even though it's only $0.25

Not a fan that business model.

VicVinegar says:

Same. Seems like the begging for money is pretty bad.

getitoutme2 says:

I purchased Shark Dash on my Sony Tablet S. I love it. Really a lot of fun. The downside is that I just found out that its not compatible with my EVO LTE. :-(

datboijon says:

Looks like the apps on the list from yesterday have gona back to their normal prices. Sucks

mobilityguy says:

Yeah, Citi decided to start declining my virtual credit card yesterday when I tried to buy OfficeSuite. I finally get to fix the problem tonight after dealing with a PC service scam on my mother's computer all day, and between 8:45 when I get the problem fixed and 9:05 when I get to buy the app the price has gone back up to 15 bucks. Bought Doubletwist as a consolation prize, but I actually would have used OfficeSuite. Not now.

datboijon says:

Whats the difference between the free and paid swift key 3 apps

cmgodwin says:

I think the free version is only good for 30 days or so.

nakunz says:

I wanted FIFA 12. It isn't compatible with my Galaxy Note. NOT cool! I want a good football/soccer game, and REAL SOCCER was great, but then there was the whole stamina issue, so I couldn't play it as often as I had liked... should I just buy it anyway and hopefully the devs fix it or would that be a bad idea?

vivek615 says:

Hmm too bad it was one day only... I haven't played a good RPG in a while

That's why I buy any app I'm remotely interested in while they're on sale. Then I just uninstall it until I'm ready for it...

jenskristian says:

Bought Granny Smith yesterday, men no one today. Already got World of Goo, but those who don't should go buy it!

icu says:

What time do these roll over because I'm sick of checking ...

dextorboot says:

Looks like they're updating prices now. Temple Run: Brave and Monsters Ate My Condo are $0.25.

dextorboot says:

The full list is up at Google Play now, but some still aren't showing the $0.25 price.