Google has is celebrating the one-year anniversary of everyone's favorite dongle, Chromecast, by offering up All Access subscriptions free for 90 days. That means current Chromecast owners can forego the $9.99/month fee and rock out for three months straight, saving $30 in total. If you pick up a new Chromescast and take advantage of the offer, math tells us that it will only cost you $5 in the end — not a bad price for a new toy.

Google also notes that since the initial release of Chromecast last year, people have hit the cast button more than 400 million times in total with channels like WatchESPN, Pandora, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and PBS Kids.

The promo offer is good only in the US and runs from today through September 30, 2014. You can hit up the link below for more details and to get in on the fun.

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Google offers Chromecast users three free months of All Access


That's good reason to dig my Chromecast out of the drawer and actually open it up. Sadly, i never even opened the box to try it out.

I opened my garage today, haven't done it in 6 years, I'm thinking of driving the car that I bought 6 years ago.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

BEWARE: Anyone that might use this promo as an excuse to pick up a Chromecast should know that YOU CAN NOT redeem this offer if you've ever subscribed to All Access before. The promotion is only available to "new users" of All Access.
I think it's a pretty big slap in the face to early supporters of both All Access *and* the Chromecast. That really pisses me of as an early adopter of many/most Google hardware and software products. A lot of people will be disappointed when they click that link, only to discover that they will not get any benefits--because they currently support All Access already; or simply because they have in the past.
First time I have ever written this:

"Screw you Google"

Yep. I lost my job and having a $7 a month music subscription was not something on the top of my priority list so I had to cancel it 2 months ago. Was a subscriber from day one.. Shame we can't get in on the promo. I also missed out on the Netflix promo at the Chromecast launch since it sold out so fast.

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You need to get over not being eligible for every free offer that comes along. That's how business works you can't just give everything away to everyone all the time.

Riiigght. Actually, I never ask for anything free. I buy devices and services from Google every year. I purchase lots of apps from Google Play. I contribute to this ecosystem. Don't go assuming that everyone is looking for handouts.

The point is, it's not a slap in the face to anybody. This is designed for people to try All Access, when they otherwise might not have ever given it a chance. It also might give other people the push they need to buy the Chromecast in the first place. If you own one, and have the service, it would be foolish of them to just let you use the service for months without a fee. If you own one and have had the service before but can't afford it now, then you aren't their demographic. This is intended for people who can afford a Chromecast and Google Play All Access, but for whatever reason haven't tried one or both.

Exactly this. Dood missed the entire point of... EVERY... promotion ever. They're to get new customers, not for current ones to freeload.

It amazes me how idiotic certain people are. Wahhh!! I had All Access and cancelled it but now I want it free for 90 days so I can cancel it again and wait for the next promotion. Seriously, people have no business acumen.

You are completely foolish in your statements. I do not freeload--ever. I subscribe to many paid Google services, I own a large collection of premium (paid) applications from Google Play, and I buy their Nexus phone and tablet every year.
I wouldn't expect this out of nowhere. The way they first announced it, they appeared to just want to thank all Chromecast owners for their support by giving them free time on a music service that they own. They've been known to do large things like that. Everyone who bought a Nexus and used Google Wallet would get $10 in free cash balance in their wallet. For a while, each device you activated after that would get you an additional ten dollars. The point is they can and do throw money around.
Many people read the announcement the same way. You're just prefer to assume that everyone is cheap. Many of us assumed we'd be included because we're exactly the opposite of cheap.

I got your back, they way the message was delivered is very misleading. I'm also an early adopter of both services, own two Chromecasts and am currently still subscribed to AllAccess. The way the message was delivered seemed as if it were available to all owners of a Chromecast as a gift for the birthday and success of the Chromecast, and nowhere in this article does it say only for new subscribers.

"That means current Chromecast owners can forego the $9.99/month fee and rock out for three months straight, saving $30 in total."

There's no need to keep listing out everything that you buy/subscribe to. It actually just makes you sound worse.

The bottom line is that i made ZERO assumptions. My comment was based upon what YOU originally said. The complaint/rant that was crying about not getting something free was written by YOU.

I'm not sure how you dont realize that you're getting criticism for your post based upon YOU saying things like "slap in the face" and "really pisses me off" for not recieving a FREE service for NEW customers...

Look guy, they're YOUR original statements, that REALLY DO sound like someone whining about not getting something for free. Take a deep breath, re-read your post, and you'll see how it comes off...

So, who exactly is completely foolish??

I'm paying $7.99 instead of $9.99. I don't see them slapping my face. Netflix offers free month for new users. hell, many products have a free month for new comers.

They should offer what Netflix offered when the Chromecast was first launched...Give users of All Access a credit for 3 months.

Try not even being eligible... Outside the US is never eligible for these promos

I don't always post but when I do I use an outdated meme as my signature

When I clicked "select your device," it prompted me to cast that tab to the Chromecast. It's not intuitive, but that seems to be what you need to do.

thanks that worked. i never got that prompt but casting it worked. i ended up passing on the promotion because of this -

Google Play Music All Access
Beginning October 22, 2014, you will be automatically charged $9.99 USD plus any applicable tax every month until you cancel your subscription.

i don't like negative enrollments which force me to cancel or automatically start charging me. i'll stick with Pandora free.

Yeah, those are annoying, although they're so ubiquitous as to be almost unavoidable if you want to take advantage of any free trials at all. I just set a calendar event to remind me to cancel the day before billing starts.

You can actually just cancel right after subscribing, if you weren't aware. ;-)
Although I'm not sure how it works with the three month subscription credit.

my network is password protected/encrypted so no neighbor has access. i also checked my wifi router for connected devices and saw none but my own. my guess is that it's a Chromecast bug. ha i had to do a search for "meatspin" since i didn't know what it was - very disturbing but good to know about it just in case i need to someday use it as a weapon.

A new Chromecast creates and broadcasts its own wireless network before it it setup so your phone/tablet/computer can connect and send it the initial settings to connect to your secured WiFi network. You were probably just seeing a neighbor who had just plugged in a new (or reset) Chromecast but had not yet set it up.

That's funny. When I bought eh chrome cast I was supposed to get a couple of months of free netflix and that never happened. Not gonna get suckered by googles freebies this time for one of my other tvs.

this may sound like a stupid question...I use Google Play with as cloud player with all my music that I uploaded...if I try this trail for 3 months and then cancel, I still can use service with my own music, correct?

Yes, Play music integrates with All Access when you have it, but goes back to a stand alone product if you drop All Access. Only thing you will lose is music added from Google Play while on All Access, not purchased or upload music.

Well I already have my Chromecast and an All Access subscription. But I only play $7.99 and I absolutely love it. Hopefully this offer will get more people involved in two awesome products from Google (the Chromecast and All Access)

Typed on tiny keys just for you

I knew it was too good to be true... Available ONLY to new All Access subscribers... I'm not offended or anything... This is an obvious attempt to promote Google's all access music streaming service. And what better way to do it than to target those users who are in a position to benefit greatly from it? -- ChromeCast users.

What about those of us who already have both? Will we get a 3 month All Access credit? That sounds like a great idea, Google.

Yeah, I know. I have a 2002 Ford I paid for and it pisses me off that people who buy new Fords get freebies and a better warranty than I did. And I've been beta testing my Mustang free of charge for them the last 13 years.

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i tried all access while it was in beta. it was buggy and my local content would magically delete itself so i quit that.

now over a year later i get screwed out of 60 extra days because i helped them test the bugs.

So what's the math that says this will cost me $5? What are you talking about? I see nothing in the article that gets me to a $5 amount.

$35 for a Chromecast unit minus the $30 you save from taking advantage of offer = $5

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So I get to subtract the $30 off the price of the Chrome cast? Ha, Not! That's pretty funny. I'm pretty sure it's the $35 for the Chrome cast and $30 for the All Access, minus $30 credit on All Access, means I'm out the $35 for the Chrome cast. But you try to pay only five bucks and see what that gets you.

Welcome to the world of promo math. The article, of course, erroneously assumes that you would have been paying the 9.99/month for All Access anyway, when in reality the people this deal applies to wouldn't have.

The math is obvious, though (that's like getting X for X-Y!) but people do tend to sensationalize when talking about deals, first by referencing the free item, then by applying the value of the item back to what you actually have to pay, as if you're somehow getting the discount twice.

A more realistic, but less enticing summary would be "that's like getting a chromecast and 3 months of all access for half price!"

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US only? Now that's something that us UK people aren't used to hearing. It is about time that Google realised they are global (a bit like the internet (if you ignore China)) and we all deserve the same treatment.

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Does work in the UK or at least I am presented with the offer however o have AAM already so can't redeem

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Ok. maybe i'm missing something but when I follow the directions and "Check Offers" on Chromecast, i tells me I can redeem 1 offer - 90 days of Google Play. But when I click on Redeem, it takes me to my Google Music. I don't see where I redeem or get the 90 days?? I did int Google Play, and select All Access but it says try it for free for 30 days. So am I missing something? Thanks for the help!

I have all access for 7.99 $ a month. If I take the 3 months free will I be paying 7.99 or will it change to 9.99? After the 3 months is up. Thank you

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Not US only - just activated my 3 month trial in the UK, with a UK purchased Chromecast. Couldn't do it via the phone. Procedure - bring up offer in Chromecast app - send the resulting webpage to PC/laptop, open Play Music on PC/Laptop, click redeem, and carry on through the prompts.