Google Now on Desktop

In what should be considered an inevitable (and welcomed) move, Google Now notifications are coming to Chrome for Mac and Windows — and you can try them out today.

The latest version of the Chrome Canary app (that's Chrome's dev version, basically) includes a flag for turning on the notifications, as spotted by the Google Operating System blog. To turn on the notifications, you'll need to enable chrome://flags/#enable-google-now, then relaunch. Make sure you're signed in, and you should start seeing Google Now notifications in either the Windows tray or the Mac system bar. 

It's pretty slick, and we're seeing all the same notifications as on our phone. Give it a whirl if you'd like.

Download: Canary; More: Google OS blog; Thanks, Adam!

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Thanks Google.Been waiting forever for this news :-)

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S-Doo-1965 says:

This gonna be awesome. I love Google Now.

TenshiNo says:



technomom says:

Great! Can't wait until I can visit (or something) to see all my cards!

eahinrichsen says:

Ideally, I would like to see it built into the new tab screen.

Darth Spock says:

Super cool :)

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schulzjt says:

Sorry for what may be a dumb question...But can we not use this new feature on a regular version (Version 32.0.1700.76 m) of Chrome ?

itmccb says:

It's only available in Canary at the moment.

still1 says:

you have the option in chrome 32 stable but the service is missing in it and wont work

krusej23 says:

I clicked the three stacked lines icon next to the gear and now my google now cards are gone. How do I get them back or do they just come back after so much time?

itmccb says:

That's the clear all button. Like on Android, the cards won't come back until they are relevant again. That usually means waiting until the next morning but some cards have different triggers such as doing related searches, being in certain locations, or having an event coming up soon.

krusej23 says:

Thank you! That's what I thought but wasn't sure.

edevine9 says:

Yup. that is the case. It's pretty cool. It's context, location and time aware. The app on android phone is sweet too, with a cool widget. I'm able to leave my gps running and have giving Google Now access to my information, so it's even more accurate. Love it. It's kinda like the beginning stages of the computer on the Enterprise.

jackwagon06 says:

Make it so

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scouser73 says:

Google Now for the desktop is a brilliant step, looking forward to it coming to the Stable channel soon.

huungryshark says:

Someday Google rules the world. Buy shares and Bitcoins and say thank you in 15 years

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Ryan Kirk says:

Sounds good, thank you!

brendilon says:

*snicker* Bitcoins....

kolyan2k says:

There is a setting chrome://flags/#enable-google-now in stable Chrome but did nothing for me when enabled

KingCali68 says:

Same thing happened to me.

CountryDevil says:

Ditto! But I am still trying to figure out why....

itmccb says:

The flag's been there for ages but it won't do anything until the feature is activated server-side for your channel.

still1 says:

+1 which now they did on canary build

Anyone know how to change the Temperature units from US to UK??

I'd prefer if it told me the weather temps in Degrees C and not Degrees F like you lot do! :)

Drounding says:

I also want to see Degrees C instead of F. Did you find out how to change it?

Canary != Dev

Canary -> Dev -> Beta -> Stable

Canary is Chrome's nightly channel.

Deolarte says:

Correct! So maybe 1 week for dev. I wish it would have come to chrome os dev first, flag has been there since 30. Oh well.

TurboFool says:

Was about to say, Chrome's Dev version is Chrome's Dev version. Canary's a whole other beast.

Baconwich says:

Hmm, getting close. Shame it's a plugin and not just a site you can go to.

Now is basically the only thing I miss from my Android phones, and I still carry a Nexus S tethered to my Z10 cause Now is still the best for public transit in Ottawa.

cacarr says:

" Z10..."

I guess it's a Canadian thing.

alexlam24 says:


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bergeronjc says:

I'm glad I live in Tampa. 29 degrees is much too cold.

brendilon says:

Psh! Wimp...

bold1193 says:

So I just enabled it. Where do I find the cards now? Thanks in advance

mine isn't working either... womp womp

s2weden2000 says:


... (Oppo F5) ...

rovex says:

No good to me, if I have to use chrome I wont be having Google now. Chrome stil has no sidebar, without it, its never going on my PC.


TenshiNo says:

I'm lost, too.

rovex says:

A toolbar down the side... Firefox allows you to have your bookmarks down the side, as well as other things. Google seem to be refusing to do such a thing, even though its one of the most requested features.

There arent even any decent extensions that will do it and some have been removed at Googles request. While they continue this policy I wont be using Chrome, its that simple.

Kenny_Strawn says:

Canary builds of Chrome (and Chrome OS, as I found out and detailed on my blog) are indeed whole different beasts compared to their more stable counterparts. Dev builds are usually weekly to bi-weekly, Beta versions monthly, and Stable builds hexa-weekly. Canary builds? They're compiled on a nightly basis, and updated whenever that nightly build is newer than the one on the client. Which literally makes Canary the Chrome equivalent of Red Hat's Fedora Rawhide builds: on the bleeding edge, and yeah, VERY, VERY unstable. Certainly nothing the average user should bother with.

Not seen any stability problems or other bugs yet! :/

BAlGaInTl says:

No love for Linux?

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clevin says:

I don't welcome it, Google is getting away with way too many things, you guys enjoy being used as Google zombie. This thing will never touch my computer.

@T-Mobile GN3

Zig261 says:

You're on Android Central genius.

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Just an FYI:

This guy is copy pasting your articles to his site...

s2weden2000 says:

That's right!

... (Oppo F5) ...