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Google Music Top 10 albums and songs - Dec. 4, 2011


For me, it's not a mater of liking or not liking the music, I just don't think this is a relative post for a site like this.

Feel free to 'cover it' each time another pointless article of this nature is posted. If I want to know what the top music, video, book or application is I will simply look in the market. It is not news. It is barely relevant. It is a waste of time for everyone.

I completely agree. I think it would be just as relevant for Phil to post a picture of his lock screen and say "this is what time it is right now."

How is that just as relevant, you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked.

The top list of songs is something you can pull your phone out of your pocket and look at.

The time on the lock screen is something you can pull your phone out of your pocket and look at.

Ridiculous post, and the reason that Google Reader needs a way to tag specific posts as spam... that's what they are.

Thanks for your inpu...oh wait, there was no input on this music list. It just had a pointless observation that something changed in the order (wow top 10 lists change?!).

BTW, still waiting on the top ten books and movies to complete the trio of spam posts to take up website space on the weekends.

P.S. Don't ban me Phil. I still love most of your articles :)

So because it was covered last week, you felt the need to pull two comments of mine that you didn't like. I'm fast loosing my faith in this site. You mentioned yourself that you didn't post anything about the CarrierIQ crap well before it blew up. Now your posting about crap that, according to all the comments, no one cares about, and pulling my comments that, although admittedly were negative, didn't contain any improper language, is making me rethink my following of this site.

It's perfectly relevant because it gives me a chance to say that all that music does suck! But at least it's in the Android Market! That's a Google +!

Lol Charlie Brown Christmas ftw.
Anyways, I don't think anything's really going to change soon Phil, not a real point in posting these because most of the people who use this site don't like any of that music (well maybe The Rolling Stones, but that's just me ;) )

What is the purpose of posting lists of the popular music on android central? It really has nothing to do with Android. There are tons of more appropriate sites to determine what songs, movies, plays, restaurants, stores, or anything else are "popular".

lmao I love how people comment saying this is a waste of an article, well you guys are wasting your time commenting on it. Is it that hard to just not read the article? Its one out of the hundred or so they put out a week. notice how most people just skip over this article?try doing that.

Feedback is an important part of site and product development. What would happen if this type of "article" were expanded and other such things started getting posted all of the time? Then it wouldn't be just an occasional, minor annoyance that is easily skipped, but a major pain that starts pushing people away from the site. That would be no good for the readers nor Android Central.

if no one commented, then they could easily tell, hey no one cares, lets not do this. my two cents

All these music haters on here. Being able to purchase music in the Android Market is a huge plus for Android.

Phil, maybe if you posted the top ten in Binary or some other code these people would chill out.

Top ten in Android apps wouldn't be so bad because its relevant to an Android site. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that Android now has movies, music and books, I just don't they're relevant here cause you can get that stuff anywhere.

If you don't like the articles, then start your own non-subscription site and put whatever you want on it.

Just saying.

Everyone needs to calm down! At least they put any posts on the weekend.Most tech sites are ghost come Friday afternoon.

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