Google Maps Version 4.0

We mentioned it in the Google Buzz launch post, but it bears repeating: Google Maps has been updated to Version 4.0. With it you get support for the Buzz layers, along with the previously mentioned night mode and synchronized starred items. Update Google Maps here. More pics after the break.

Google Maps Version 4.0Google Maps Version 4.0

Google Maps Version 4.0Google Maps Version 4.0


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Google Maps updated to Version 4.0


Now if it could only sync with geotagged tweets so I could still use twitter and not have to repeat myself just to use buzz as well..

You should mention that it is not 1.5 compatible... bringing a ton of bad news to us 1.5 users today.

I hope this fixes my Nexus One's GPS issue. More often than not turn by turn navigation doesn't find my GPS. It's incredibly frustrating when I'm lost.

Agreed @rufflez,

Is it just sprint stuck on 1.5 is what I want to know? Goggles, maps w/ gps, buzz, the new app market, speech to text, and universal search to name a few apps/features Sprint users cannot use!

Is HTC, Samsung, Sprint or Google going to show cdma hero and moment users any love? Or are they going to just keep jerking us around with vague update talks?

It seems since the release of the N1 that the only decent news for Sprint is the possible supersonic... but that's distant and for us who upgraded for hero/moment and don't have fat stacks to buy a phone out of contract... this blows.

I love Android, and my hero, but I am fed up feeling abandoned by all previously mentioned companies...

Hate the iPhone, but props to Apple on updating the original iPhone with the 3g and 3g s.

Disgruntled Sprint user out!

To everyone sad about their 1.5 phones: Sprint/HTC said that their current phones out (like the hero) are getting the 2.1 update in mid-march. And thats the official word.

And about "buzz." Way to go Google! You made.....twitter.......

Just updated - tried thte BUZZ layer - I am in the Tampa, FL area and along with mine there is a TON of "THIS IS A TEST BUZZ MESSAGE" all over the place.

Nice seeing all those Android phones :-)

Where did you hear that htc is updating their phones in mid march? I want proof...I have an Eris...and I've been patiently waiting for the update...

I may have missed this on a previous version, but Google Maps on my Droid now appears to support multi-touch (pinch to zoom).

forgot to mention that you need to un install and re lose ask saved data ie bookmarks and gestures.

It said SPRINT is updating the HTC Hero mid March. The Eris is not on Sprint, therefore it's up to big red to make the update available, not HTC.

isn't the Moto Cliq and Samsung Behold 1.5 based too? I am really starting to get annoyed about the fragmentation of the Android universe. I mean, even the Xperia and Garmin phones will be stuck at 1.6