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Maps update rolling out to more users this evening

Google Maps has been updated, and it seems like this evening the staged rollout is picking up steam. More folks are getting the update, which brings things like bug fixes and stability improvements — things we always love to see — but also some improvements to core features. The full change log:

  • Faster access to navigation, complete with route and traffic overview
  • Improved hotel search results with sponsored rates and booking links
  • Tips and Tricks available in the side menu
  • Bug fixes

We've been told that users are seeing faster and more accurate re-routing in navigation, which matches up well with the changes listed. You can check to see if it's your turn to update right from the Google Play app, or simply check the Google Play button above.


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Google Maps update brings tips and tricks section, improved hotel search, faster navigation


I tested it out much better information wise it actually showed places with Road work going on... Might be old but first time I seen bunch of places with info to go with it

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They've had the road work notices for quite some time now. Waze has helped them out quite a bit w/ that.

They had road work for well over two years. Waze didn't help that much. Waze doesn't actually cover much once you get away from it's enclaves of popularity.

Worked perfectly on my trip to florida was told of all the road closing etc etc Waze worked like a champ

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You can finally search addresses by contact name now. Note that one of the new permissions is access to contact information.

I find it interesting that on the tips and tricks link... The zoom tip shows a pic of an iPhone... All the rest, are nexus phones or tablets. That makes no sense to me at all. I know it's on multiple platforms but it is still a Google product...

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They have been closing highways on the weekends around here yet Google navigation still told me to take the highway. They even had a little red dot saying it was closed when you opened maps.

Same, for that and even more so the lack of zoom buttons, the old one was 1 hand usable, the new isn't.

You can use it single handed: tap twice, don't lift your finger but swipe up or down ... works like charms once you get used to it.

You didn't follow +Google maps at Google+ right? Because more than 3 weeks ago they posted a gif tips about this options

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It didn't crash on me this time! I still hate it though. I miss my layers! And zoom buttons, the scale bar, measuring tool, elevation profile...

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They brought back the scale bar in a past update. Is it gone again?

EDIT: It's still there. You just have to zoom in or out a bit for it to show.

What happened to Street View in Maps? It says it's installed on my apps but it's non-existent in Maps...wth Google.

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It's there all you need to do is long press on where you want to view, it drops a red pin, tap the address bar at the bottom, up pops a card hit Street view.

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Way to save the day leobloom. I recently upgraded from an '09 dinosaur to a '13 midrange and find myself rediscovering and/or getting lost in old apps haha. Thanks for the tip sir!

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But this is also a good example of what's wrong with the interface. Too many hidden secret interface actions. For something that will get used by people when driving, THE INTERFACE SHOULD BE STRAIGHTFORWARD, OBVIOUS, AND HAVE LARGE BUTTONS.

Google acts as if you have one of their self driving cars, and can take your eyes off the road as long as you want.

Here here. Im so pissed at google right now. Nothing like hidden features when your supposed to be paying attention to the damn road. See I think what happened was they had to incorporate navigation into maps so they could put it in the app store for apple and people wouldn't have to download two different apps. So now they have one jumbled up app thats not intuitive at all. But hey as long as it looks nice for the iphoners right? /s

Or you need a better phone no lag on my #htcone on my wife's #htconex or my sons #nexus4

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It's funny you instantly assume I'm using a low end device as soon as you read the word "lag".

No, I'm using a GNote2 and a 2012 N7, both running their respective stock rom and kernel.

It's more like 20-30 frames per second map scrolling rather than 60, with a bit of stutter here and there.

Navigation better get back to as great as it was ASAP. As a Town Car chauffeur I drove executive clients to new to me locations over 3000 Sq Miles of Southern California using Google Navigation flawlessly from 2010 thru 2012. Now, since the combining change, Navigation makes significant errors on a regular basis including directing me to make a U turn on a freeway or directing me extra unnecessary streets and turns.

Coincidently my phone heats up after about 30 minutes where my battery will not charge as a safety feature.

I'm now forced to try alternatives like Telenav or my old TomTom as a safety backup. Embarrassing and unnecessarily inefficient. Google Navigation used to be my primary application and reason for loving my Android phone. Friends who are not techno-geeks think Navigation disappeared.

I am deeply saddened and upset with how Google seems to have destroyed or crippled their best application. It's now embarrassingly unreliable. Why did they do this?

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Yes, exactly. It is so inefficient now. Sadly I just continue to un install the update so I can keep the Blue arrow of comfort. Google has been doing this to a lot of its apps. They have to have someone at R&D who is like this sucks a**. I know it might be a long shot but, maybe have an option inside the new maps to have a "classic" setting. Idk just very disappointed in how they are ruining perfectly good apps.

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Google does so much so well that when they do screw something up, it's really hard to understand. I agree the new maps, both the app and the desktop browser version, has some major issues.

Things that used to be obvious are now totally hidden, like saving off-line maps. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to have to say or type "Ok Google Maps" to get that option to pop up. Really? Did Steve Sinofsky design that feature?

Come on Google, you're capable of so much better.

Thanks Android Mafia.

II didn't realize uninstalling updates from Settings /Applications might revert Navigation to the version that performed flawlessly for me.

After testing the current update, I may try your suggestion.

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Not sure if this is what you mean but you can long press anywhere and it drops a red pin, tap the address bar at the bottom and you can favorite, share or street view selected point.

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Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, but once I drop a red pin I'm still unable to "Star" (save) the exact location. The only available option is to share it.

Not sure why you can't star a place works fine on mine. Maybe uninstall and reinstall is all I can suggest sorry.

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He means dropping (and saving) a pin in the middle of nowhere, for example if you're out in the woods and want to mark the exact spot for something, maybe where you left your car.

Right now you can only save a spot with a specific street address (afaik)

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Thanks ... that's what I was referring to ... probably 1/2 of my starred places doesn't have a physical address attached to it.

Why has Google never had a speedometer on their Maps app? This just seems trivial to me to be there. How are they missing this?

Sounds like a good idea. A lot of people use separate speedometer apps, but they're difficult to run simultaneously with G Maps.

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I personally dislike the "updates" for Google maps. Their idea of making it one touch simplified (like apple maps?) is no good. After trying it out for a week, I uninstalled and reverted back to the previous version.

Mine updated the night we started flooding (Colorado) and it was a lifesaver. Unfortunately, I am being literal when I say that.

I've got the new update for Google Maps, and it's a great improvement. One problem that i've found is that the weather is given in centigrade. Is there any way to change that to fahrenheit?

It's nice to see continual improvement on Maps, but there's still a lot of stuff that worked well in version 6.x that got borked in version 7.x

1) Track up orientation disappeared; instead of reading the gps to determine direction of travel, they now use the magnetometer in a pathetic attempt to orient the map based on which way your phone is pointing...which doesn't work in a car. Fail.

2) Navigation view without a destination is still gone.

3) Text is too small now that the "Larger Text" lab was removed.

4) Contrast for map features is too low so that under many ambient light conditions roads are invisible.

Does no one at Google actually USE Maps?

Not for driving. Probably just for walking.

I've basically quit using maps due to many of the reasons you mentioned plus the removal of latitude.

Google gets a lot of things right, but the new maps suck.

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Someday it'll give search results from my local area instead of from across the country.
I don't understand why it does that when I've input my address.

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I am still annoyed that the PEG MAN was discontinued. Peg man allowed me to zoom around almost effortlessly. Now I am stuck with directional arrows.

For example: In my neighborhood each block has at least 40 houses 20 on each side of the street, some blocks have more. With Peg man all I had to do was drag him into the next block wait for a refresh and bang I was there. With these directional arrows each tap of the arrow moves the display two houses down. So now to get into the next block in street view I have to make about 10 taps and then wait for a total of 9 screen refreshes before I get to what I want. It is just so much wasted time because the Pegman was discontinue

I absolutely hate this. I want my old navigation back. I used to hit navigation and then "derricks house" (pre programmed in). And bam I'd be on my way. Now I have no idea how ro use navigation to preprogrammed destinations. The navigation app was so much easier and intuitive. For the first time im starting to see why people like apple. Google does stupid things like this and doesnt say anything. I literaly had to pull over 4 times yesterday to figure out where navigation went and how to TRY to figure it out through maps. Bsd bad bad move google please bring simple navigation back. And all my pre entered destinations.

You're fortunate. Don't update until you see comments about the new bad experiences dissappear, if ever.

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I just want to be able to modify a route to not include tolls while I'm already navigating, like the old gingerbread version.

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There are a lot of things we take for granted about this amazing Android/Google system, but the new maps are baffling and nothing I enjoy fiddling with while driving!
So, are Apple's maps/navigation problems all sorted out and functioning well now?

Don't like it so far. First the layout is so different I really had to poke around to find things, and the options menu is gone. How do I add to the search criteria for searching near the address i put in, like grocery stores, or car washes (versus the generic "shopping" that has neither)? used to be easy to add stuff like this; maybe it's there, but got tired of trying to figure out where.


I love what Google is doing with Maps. My earlier Android devices couldn't even lock on to Gps. My Droid Maxx locks on immediately. Maps has become much more intuitive and fun to use. I would still like to see an option to customize the routes that it chooses further than 1) avoid Tolls and 2) avoid highways.

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