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Google has updated Google Listen, the once- (or still) popular Podcatcher application, proving that they haven't abandoned the application like a certain Android blogger and editor thinks.  It's not the biggest update in the world -- the changelog only mentions that references to the now-defunct Google Labs have been removed, but it shows that Google isn't quite done with Listen.  Now if they could update the UI, and fix some of the playback bugs we'd all be much happier.  If you haven't moved on to another Podcatcher and are still using Listen, hit the Market for your update.  If you want to give it a try, there's a handy link after the break.

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Google Listen updated, seems Google hasn't forgotten it after all


They should just roll podcast support into Google Music. I would love to be able to listen to a podcast on my phone on my way into work, pause it, switch my headphones over to my work computer and resume listening there.

This what I have been using since I got and Android device for all my podcasts. Works great and when I switch phones it grabs them again since its linked to my Google account.

I used to use Listen. But it's better for streaming podcasts. I use Doggcatcher because it handles downloading podcasts much better.

Listen is useless to me. Doggcatcher is worth every penny, and in my phone, it is the most often used app.

I've used Listen for *most* of the past 3 years I've owned Android devices. Up until about 3 weeks ago when I bought BeyondPod. Listen was great because of its Google account integration, so you don't lose any subscriptions when you get a new phone or flash a new ROM. But my goodness, was it frustrating sometimes. Most notably, recently I'd watch a podcast download to 100% on wifi and confirm it finished, before leaving. When I'd get to my car and turn it on, it started downloading again over 3g, buffer, fail a few times, and then play. Made me want to smash my phone.

hopefully this fixes the bug that would cause my other music players to suddenly stop playing music at times. really embarrassing when you use your device to teach a class.

I'm really surprised by the negative comments here. I use Listen every day. I have it set to refresh (download) subscriptions once a day over wifi. My stuff is always there and I listen to some of a podcast on the way to work and pick up again where I left off on the way home or whenever. Tried Pocket Casts briefly, but went back to Listen. Works great for me.

I used to use Listen, but the lack of support combined with no widget caused me to look elsewhere. I found BeyondPod and it links with Google Reader, has a widget and lockscreen player.

Ive never had anuy problems with Listen, but have been really concerned about the neglect from Google. Glad they haven't forgotten about it. Now they just need to fix and bring back Scoreboard.