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Find out when your favorite Google products will be talked about at this year's conference

It's hard to believe Google I/O 2013 is just a couple weeks away, but we were all reminded of that when Google posted its session schedule for the conference just a few moments ago. Spanning over three days, I/O is a place where Google gets to talk about much more than Android, and developers of all kinds need a good way to manage their time best. The session schedule gives you a great overview of the times and locations of each session, along with detailed information on the topic and speakers for them. There are six main "tracks" you can follow, or you can see all of the sessions on one all-encompassing calendar.

For those of you (well, most of us) watching anxiously from home, knowing the session schedule can certainly help know when the news on your favorite products may be coming out as well. And you of course won't want to miss the main keynote (there's only one this year), which should be live streamed on Youtube. Head to the source link below and start planning your Google I/O experience.

Source: Google


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Google I/O 2013 session schedule now available


"there's only one this year" what the heck?? only one?? last year it was 2 i believe and i watched it at least 4-5 times. its exciting every time i watch it.

Its a back end thing that developers can use to send data to applications. Its been around for some time now.

Also doubt they'd just reveal a new product in the name of a developer session before the event :P .

Only thing I care about is low latency audio. I do see that it will be addressed but I'm not holding my breath for them to fix it anytime soon.

I can tell they are focusing on gaming for android this year based on the schedule- and the leaked code for a "game center".

Dont hold your breath for too much concerning android, but a game center could be something android specific that would get a lot of attention.

After looking through the schedule, there doesn't look like a lot of Android related stuff, but that doesn't mean there isn't going to be a lot of information released. If there are few API changes on the interface side, and there are a bunch of new apps and features in the next version, that would explain the lack of developer related things.

Of course, a number of game-related things COULD be very useful for normal applications as well, but we shall see.

Nothing on Google TV !!!!! That stinks. I'm still hanging on to my Logitech Revue and I was hoping for something newer than what is already out.