Google IO 2011

Google's launched its Google IO 2011 site -- your one-stop shop for everything related to Google's annual developer's conference. Registration hasn't opened yet, so stay tuned for that. But attendee pricing was announced, $450 through April 16, $550 thereafter. Students and faculty can register for $150, and the optional Bootcamp session is an extra $100.

If you're an Android developer, IO is a must-attend event. Hard-core Android enthusiasts would have a blast, too. Hit up the site for all the other details, including session listings. Then check our our coverage from Google IO 2010. We'll see you there! [Google IO]

Update: Google's Vic Gundotra says registration will start Feb. 7.


Reader comments

Google IO 2011 site goes live, registration starts Feb. 7 (updated)


Shit I would LOVE to go. Remember my boss mentioning something about IT related stuff the company would pay for the trip (I guess we'll find out now).

Hey PHil. IS everything that happens there streamlined where there's space for all attendies to attend all events?... Or do you have to register for events?

And what is "Office Hours"?

I hope we see the same scale of Android announcements like we saw last year. I really want to learn about Honeycomb and especially Ice Cream (Sandwich?)

I wonder if they will send out their gifts beforehand again this year...Might be worth registering just to get the gift.