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Three new premium channel packages now available for Google Fiber TV customers

When Google Fiber first launched, there were some glaring omissions in its TV offerings, but one of the huge ones is being addressed today with the addition of HBO and Cinemax to its lineup. As additional packages added onto your current TV service, you can now grab HBO for $20 per month which includes 7 different HBO channels, and Cinemax at $10 per month for 8 channels. Those wanting the whole deal can get STARZ, Showtime, HBO and Cinemax together as a "premium package" for $40 per month.

If you're lucky enough to have access to Google Fiber, head to the source link below and see the details for having one of the new packages added to your service. If you're like most of us and don't have it yet, here's yet another reason to salivate uncontrollably waiting for availability to expand.

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Google Fiber expands TV offerings with HBO and Cinemax


Fiber has hit 1 city per year so far, it is going to be 50 years to reach the biggest city per state at this rate.

I live in St.Louis and you'd think it would be logical to branch out from the city you are in, KC MO. Hoping St.Louis might be next, but Sprint's HQ is in KC and they haven't even brought LTE to us yet.

This is like waiting for the Great Pumpkin. I'm in the Dallas area. Do you know how many people would have signed up for this last week????

Not available (yet) in my area of the KC Metro, but unless they add AMC, I will be skipping the TV portion. As it is, its $45 more than I currently pay for cable and Internet.

Still pretty expensive right? Maybe that is just the unsubsidized price for all this. I was hoping they would try to lure people in with cheaper rates in effort to expand their base and attract a larger market. Really though, all I really want is ESPN and whatever sports channels I need to watch the NFL and the Blazers (comcast garbage channel)

Yeah...because Google has trouble getting people to sign up for Fiber... Not to mention their cheapest internet plan

$20 a month for HBO and $40 for a package? They are nuts. I pay $18 a month for that same package. I thought Google fiber was going to be inexpensive.

Yeah that does sound kind of ridiculous, but I guess that's the best deal google could make with those companies.