Specific partnerships not yet named; hotels, flights and reservations are the focus

Speaking on one of the countless Google Developers Live talks at Google I/O, one of the creators of Google Now Baris Gultekin explained how select partners will get better access to Google Now going forward. When commenting on how Now can offer more useful information to users, Gultekin announced that certain Google partners will now be able to use mark up tools to put flags in emails that will get them directly noticed by Google Now. Similarly to the way Gmail currently looks for flight numbers, package shipment confirmations and hotel reservations, select third parties can now alert Gmail to look specifically at its email and find the relevant information to then push to Google Now.

Gultekin didn't mention any specific names in relation to this initiative, but he did note that it was focused on things like flights, hotels and dinner reservations. Getting all of the major airlines and hotel chains on-board with this program could help ensure that Google Now never misses an important event surrounding travel, which is very important if people are going to trust Google Now to give them relevant information.

The entire 22 minute talk (seen above) is quite interesting if you're at all interested in Google Now, but if you want to jump ahead to the specific part where Gultekin mentions the partnerships you can find it at about the 16 minute mark. This surely won't be the only little gem that gets noticed as people wade through the hours of footage coming out of GDL at Google I/O this year.

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Google expanding mark up tools to select partners to influence Google Now cards


I have to say, Google's strategy is suddenly coming into focus. It seems that it's clear that they are playing the long game.

There's nothing wrong with selling out. Without sellouts we wouldn't be this technologically advanced.

You can always choose which cards wan't to see, and turn off which cards you don't.

This is a good thing. Google Now is nice but in order to be something people use everyday... it needs to have more options available to use.

Theyre talking about using your email to get relevant items pushed into Google now. If you don't like the cards that you're seeing then go in your email box and unsubscribe from whoever is sending you the spam that keeps popping up in your Google now. I for one like being reminded that I have a flight to Hong Kong on Friday and that when I get there tell me how to get to my freaking hotel.