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Google has updated the Google Earth app, fixing a pesky-as-hell bug that caused the app to crash during startup on Tegra 2 devices.  NVIDIA uses special instructions for the Tegra chip, and while they work amazingly well when used properly (check out some Tegra games if you haven't yet), sometimes different specialized hardware makes it difficult for the generic "works everywhere" app to use the full set of features.

That's probably what happened with the last update for Google Earth -- it certainly pushes the limit of what a mobile GPU can handle, and needed a bit of tweaking to run it all on the Tegra chips.  Call it fragmentation, call it legacy, but it's a fact of life that you have trade-offs between different hardware platforms.  Google seems to have it all sorted, and now we can have our imaginary getaways to exotic virtual locations on our Tegra based tablets and phones.  Hit the download link after the break or check the Market for your update.


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Google Earth updated, fixes issues with Tegra 2 devices


i was under the impression that Google pulled the app for good
Since it never showed up for me in the market , both in my Atrix & OG milestone before too , It won't even show up in the web market

Google Earth always worked reasonably well on my Acer A500, with a maddening tendency to just crash, but it would re-launch just fine and carry on as if nothing happened.

Testing this new version for an hour I only had one EARLY lock-up requiring me to FC the application and clear cache. From then on it worked fine.

GE still tends to beshit its own cache from time to time, and you have weird South Sea Atolls mapped upon downtown Seattle. But if you give it a minute or two it will dig itself out of what ever hole it has fallen into and carry on.

So far this upgrade is the most stable Google Earth version I've seen.

For anyone checking out the new Google earth, type in " 200th St W and Cedar Ave, Lakeville MN "

Just something kinda cool that I haven't seen before on Google's images


It finally works for me now. Now Google has to update their whole suite of apps up to full ICS comparability and full tablet support.