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The Google Docs app for Android has received a substantial update today, adding some significant new features which to bring the phone and tablet app in line with the full desktop version.

First up is collaborative editing, which allows multiple people to work on the same document in real time -- this has long been possible on the desktop, but has been lacking in the mobile app. And it's also possible to set document permissions and invite others in your address book to work on a document alongside you.

In addition, rich text controls are included for documents, and pinch-to-zoom now fully functional too, making possible to manipulate text, undo and redo just like in the desktop version. Unfortunately these new features only work in documents, not spreadsheets, but regardless, it's a big step forward for the mobile version of Docs.

We've got Android Market links, and an official introductory video, after the jump.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Google Docs app updated with rich text options, collaborative editing


Still pretty tricky on a phone, but on the tablet this now becomes much more use-able.

Somewhere along the way Google Docs gained the ability to handle OpenOffice/LebreOffice docs, and now that you can edit them all on line collaboratively I've started dragging huge chunks of document to Google Docs.

It saves me tons of time emailing documents back and forth for minor changes.

I like that it shows what the app looks like on the Nexus S in the video.

I installed it on my own NS4G and it actually looks and acts just like in the video. It's much smoother than the previous version of Google Docs and I can see myself using this for taking quick notes or using it to edit documents on the fly.

The only thing I miss is being able to print.