Google at Mobile World Congress

You didn't really think Google would have just any old countdown page for Mobile World Congress, did you? And instead of saying Google's counting down to MWC, it looks more like el Goog is building up to MWC. What you see above is where we stand as of Feb. 17, and just below is a little slider that goes from a blank canvas to what should be a fully formed Android extravaganza.

Google's not going to half-ass its MWC presence, that's for sure. Last year there were smoothies of every major version flavor (well, most of them anyway), a two-story slide, and more developers than we could shake a stick at. It was magical.

Source: Google at Mobile World Congress

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elslunko says:

LOL Phil, way to stick the landing.

easifuentes says:

Phil's face expression after the landing is priceless. :)

What's that in the box? A preview of Jelly Bean.....hmmm tantalizing

area223 says:

Make the landing a GIF! MWC is going to be great!

kcls says:

Oh god... Please don't start saying El Goog. Engadget does that, and it's have the reason I don't read that site anymore.

Jayshmay says:

What's the bid deal about saying El Google?!!?