Devs now able to start making 'Google Cast-ready' applications on Android and iOS

Google has announced the availability of the Google Cast SDK for all developers, opening the floodgates to devs wanting to incorporate Chromecast support into their Android and iOS apps, or web content through Chrome. While the Google Cast SDK has been available since last year as a developer preview with certain restrictions attached, today's launch represents the first "finished" version of the SDK. On the device side, Google Cast SDK support is rolling out as part of Google Play Services version 4.2 starting today.

Google's developers guide page for the SDK notes that it's "undergone a thorough overhaul since the developer preview release," advising developers to review its documentation before getting started. 

So now that the Google Cast SDK is out in the open, what apps would you like to see get Chromecast support? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Chromecast SDK released to developers, Google Play Services updated as well



Plus the WatchESPN app

So I could finally ditch my crappy& glitchy Motorola cable box for a chromecast & my tablet to bad I will still have to pay comcast

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The Viral app definetly needs a chromecast friendly update

Along with Comcast Xfinity TVgo app

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Ohh, you can bet the invisible hand of God that they will. And it will be in the paid Pro version, which I (and many others) will be all too happy to pay for.

How about the cw app so I can watch my missed episodes of arrow. The chrome browser cast works but quits once in a while

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"So now that the Google Cast SDK is out in the open, what apps would you like to see get Chromecast support?"

Obviously, every suggestion is up to the developer...

I have the 1st season on Blu-Ray, it was only $16.99 on Amazon in the beginning of December, damn good deal!

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1. Spotify

2. All the apps (audio, visual, games, etc)

3. I'd love to see an official Chromecast app that I could run on my HTPC. Assuming they built it as a Chrome app it would open up all their Chromebooks as Chromecasts too. I've tried two of the unofficial clients and they are too buggy. Youtube leanback already does this but I'd like to be able to do Google Music and Chrome tab sharing on the TV just as easily.

I do believe it is time to order one

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Yes, yes it is.

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Yup. Even with a "smart TV" it's *so* much more convenient (and faster) to pull up Netflix/Hulu/YouTube on my cell phone, tap the video I want and hit the cast button. I haven't used the "home" button on my smart TV remote since I got the Chromecast.

"So now that the Google Cast SDK is out in the open, what apps would you like to see get Chromecast support?"

All of them, sir.

All of them.

Most of them are, can't get myself to ignore my 60' to watch networks on a 7' tablet

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From what I've read that a couple manufacturers are planning on integrating Android into new devices, we'll soon have one

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In the UK we could do with the BBC iPlayer and other network catch up services lend their support. I'd also like to see the TVCatchup app implement Chromecast support.

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I think Pocket Casts already has their ready just had to wait for the SDK to go public

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Definitely agree with you on these two, although I just purchased a Roku to use with my Slingplayer 500.

I love my Chromecast, but I've still been waiting for this. I think the big app, for me, that I would *love* to see get cast support would be PocketCast.

I'd love to see this with multi-player and party games. Imagine a Scrabble/Words with Friends game that displayed the board on the screen, but each person's individual tiles would be on their own phone, or a pictionary game where drawings on a phone or tablet were displayed on the big screen for everyone to see.

Another great use would be slideshows, both of the powerpoint variety and the photo variety. I would love to see both office suites and gallery apps implement chromecast functionality.

I know that the app is $4.99, but I really hope this means that AllCast will finally be able to get the Chromecast support they need. And may be MX Player too, damn good player.


Shame that Google hasn't approved the app that was doing phone-local content casting (and then further extended the concept to DLNA) before anyone had even heard of Avia.

Mr Dutta has said that an update is already in the works for Allcast. Luckily I still got a few bucks in my account from Google Opinions Rewards. Its gonna be a good day soon :)


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I don't understand the benefit you would get by casting your games?

Chromecast is like a media player

GTA: San Andreas on the TV without needing to have a PS. There are lots of great games out there that you could control on your device and watch on the TV.

Chromecast doesn't actually work that way. You're not mirroring the screen itself to the TV. The content would have to be available at some URL that the Chromecast could access. All the Chromecast really does is look at a web page that tells it what you want to play, and then monitors for events from that page (button presses from your control device). Even if you were to setup something for mirroring the screen, it would have a pretty substantial delay, and probably not look very good.

agreed for the most part...but there are some apps that would be SWEET with chromecast. I'm thinking some simple driving games (steer by tilting, gas is tapping the right side of the screen, break the left side, badlands or any other single/double tap games out there (granny smith, angry birds,ect. into the dead would be cool.

however, it would suck for anything like dead trigger, or any game with more than 2 buttons needed to play....however, PS3 controller would be cool. it'd be like a portable Ouya

Specifically? Pandora, MX Player, CW (for Supernatural) and tons of games like Ticket to Ride, this would be awesome for pass and play type games.

Basically all music & video apps and many many games could benefit.

I would like to see Cox Cable in particular, but all cable companies in general offer this as a way to add a Cable Box to other televisions in your home. Lock it down to my External Cox IP address if you have to, just allow me to get access to everything that I pay for without having to rent multiple, expensive crap cable boxes. It opens up the possibility to create a Cloud DVR service, that you can charge for in place of the cable boxes.

My family is cutting the cable cord this week, and if they did that, they'd have us right back!!

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Woot! I am SO excited about this! I've been waiting for those doors to be flung open and can't wait to see what I'll soon be able to do with my Christmas present!

Someone should make an app that casts whatever is on your screen to the TV so we won't need hdmi's anymore! That way everyone and every app wins!!

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Koush is working on this as we speak with his allcast app. you will need Root as of right now but he seems to be pretty confident he can get it working soon.

Needs Root. Costs $5. And Koush doesn't have the best record on supporting his apps down the line.


Anything that lets me stream local media from my tablet or PC without worrying about video/audio codecs. If VLC player on my PC got Chromecast support I could pretty much die happy.

I'd love to get support for the Public Radio Podcast app. BeyondPod supports Chromecast, but the full version is $6.99, which is a little steep. I want to hear Welcome to Night Vale on my big ol' TV speakers!

Does this mean that it wouldn't matter which Android phone you have, since the phone is just telling a server to shoot stuff out? Not a fan of only certain phones playing nice with apps.

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Amazon Prime
IMDB (for movie previews)
CBS (or just get on freakin Hulu)
and even tho they were kicked out of the Play store, TV Portal

Just have wait my new flatscreen to arrive without the burntout hdmi ports from surges, thank you chicago winter for interfering.

If I purchase movies from the Play Store can I play them through Chromecast to my smart TV? Or will I run into some silly DRM issues?

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It's about time! Now let's kick Chromecast into high gear! I want every app that can play video with a Chromecast button, including all news apps. . .

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It sure will be interesting to see how Cox, Comcast and Time Warner are effected by Chromecast,...ohhhh yeah! Love that competition!!!

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There needs to be (if there isn't already) a Chromecast discussion forum on the Android Central Forums, so we can keep track, and make each other aware of newly updated apps that support Chromecast.

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Very excited about this and I see some excellent suggestions. XBMC would be great!

Would love to be able to cast VLC from my PC or phone too.

Rather than mention an existing app, I want to mention a service that used to exist on Roku. It was called Mummybox, and it was basically an aggregator of video feeds from channels all over the world. There was some awesome content there, but Roku forced the service to close after Roku signed an exclusive deal for DISHWorld to provide international channels on a paid basis. I'd love to see Mummybox come back as an Android app with Chromecast support.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, there is TWC Sportsnet which broadcasts all the lakers game. They are really bad at updating the app, but hopefully they'll manage to support this by the time the Lakers become decent again. hehe

I've been waiting to be able to cast my local content ever since this came out! Soo happy!!

Was recently on a vacation and had to use an HDMI cable to hook up to the tv, but the movie stopped because my phone was low on juice. Now with this I'll be able to play a movie onto the TV and charge my phone all at once!

Come on Mobo Player, please make an update soon!!

You can buy it off of Amazon in Canada. Little more expensive than from Google directly, but still worth it.

I would love to see the cloud storage apps I use like Mega, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive get support

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Can I use this to cast from Nest so the temperature in my house will show on my TV? If so I'm gonna buy a Nest thermometer and a 60" 4k TV.

Podkicker, Vudu, and Comixology. I would love to read comics on my TV. Because it sounds awesome and ridiculous

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Any kind of whiteboarding app. I do lots of "back of the napkin" presentations and would love to be able to use the tablet and the HDTV for groups.

How about mirroring whatever my tablet or phone is displaying and the capability to be able to cast whatever video or audio app I have. Also would be nice to have within a designated area within the app, the capability to insert multiple streams that can be handled(to each their own). Like a picture in picture capability with the capability to select which audio stream to use. Of course minimum lag, a user friendly(simple) interface but also with the capability to edit advance features. Still able to hand off the internet connection directly to the chromecast. Dnla, xdmc, and every other codec and/or software engineered connection utilized. I would gladly pay up to 100 dollars, as I am sure many others would be happy to pay as well for a app with this kind of capability using the chromecast. Thanks in advance.

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Plex subscription free, Slingbox, XfinityGo, Amazon Prime, any network apps (ie. A&E, MTV, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc...)

Wow 250 comments and not a single request for Polaris Office / KingSoft Office / etc. So we could do remote presentations like people do with Apple Products.

That's good news. Looking forward to seeing what applications take this step. I expected more games to go to Ouya since it was relatively a smooth transition from a games perspective and there were new clients. Hopefully, we will see a larger adoption of developers for the Chromcast for those streaming applications.

So what's taking these apps so long to update with chromecast support you ask? Calm down they are only trying to figure out how to make you pay again for the app you already paid for. This takes time people.

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