In addition to their making their announcement of cloud printing being available on mobile devices, Google has also been messing around with a better way to let users know what their weather forecast is looking like. Making note on the Google Mobile blog that they wanted the weather to be more fun, Google has rolled out a new weather search experience.

At first glance, you’ll see content that we’d previously shown you before: current conditions and a forecast for the next few days. But by moving the slider over the next 12 hours, you can now see a detailed hour-by-hour breakdown of the changing weather conditions. As you do this, keep an eye on the temperature, wind speed and humidity and see how all these conditions are expected to trend across the day. You may also notice that the background color changes throughout the day. Of course, as you scroll further down you’ll see our regular web search results for your query.

Open your browser and search for "weather" as you normally would to see how the new system works. Currently it is only available in English but Google hopes to have it in more languages as soon as possible. [Google Mobile Blog]

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Neat, first

amojeba says:

This is pretty awesome! Definitely my weather forecast of choice now.
I'm also glad I'm not in 20 degree weather either Haha :)

moosc says:

Never used it.

DNicolasL says:

Its a very nice feature. No need for a weather app. Its cool to see how Google search evolves

rippley05 says:

Hmm didn't show up for me, using EVO running CM7.

ryanvm says:

Radar Livepaper is another novel way to keep on top of the weather on your Android phone. It shows the local NOAA radar as your live wallpaper.

Dhamp2g says:

Just another reason that you cant deny the goodness of android. We dont have to waite a year for new things to hit. they constanly improve things even though this is web based.

Doesn't work for me. Evo.

Update: works now. Had to change my browser to enable mobile view. So give that a try if it's not working for you.

gbonham says:

Awesome. Bookmarked.

cbenet says:

It wasn't working for me until I enabled "Allow use of device location" under settings on the Google search page. You can try that as well.

I love it! Very clean and the slide bar is a great idea! Good Job Google!

S_C_B says:

Very nice, indeed.

Ytaay says:

works with default browser but not with Dolphin mini. :(

(Samsung FASN8)

johnny99 says:

Note that the Google News app already has a better version of this. Go to the weather screen and press the "i" button to see a nice scrollable graph.

The problem I've always had with Googles weather is how inaccurate it is. Even on my home page it displays things that don't even make sense...then when you click on the the weather will change.


I'll have icons that show 38 degrees and snowing (??). Then when you actually click on the forecast it goes to different icons showing 49 and partly cloudy.

Meanwhile, outside it's 40 degrees and pouring down rain.

And it's not like I live out in the sticks. I live in Seattle.

BlackHawkA4 says:

how about a weather widget for my phone? I like using google made products. I ashtrays look for them first.

kevintaylor says:

I use this service daily to get updates on weather...