Google+ Notifications

The Google+ app has just been updated to add a few bits of functionality and a new notification system. With the previous update we received a new post composition screen that let you add a photo or mood to the post, and this update is putting a "link" option between the two. Tapping on it lets you manually add a URL, although we'd bet most people will be copy/pasting URLs in. On the main UI side, notifications have been redesigned as well. Instead of being hidden underneath the navigation controls in the left slide-in panel, you get a separate notification number between the refresh and settings buttons, that when tapped brings in a full notification-specific panel from the right.

The update also allows for more moderation options in Google+ Communities, which were recently released. You can grab a download of the new Google+ at the Play Store link above.

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SpookDroid says:

I hope it also fixes the rouge 'background data' bug many of us have been experiencing since the 21st (weird, isn't it? that it's a specific date...)

drewsg says:

"I get so excited when theres a Google+ update"

- No One

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Good to know you represent everyone that uses G+. [/sarcasm]

kinster02 says:

Wow, it works so well I had to turn it off.

slider999 says:

It's great but they really have to improve the Google+ messenger. No sharing options, no real smilies, no audio calls just hangouts...

BeauCharles says:

yes they need too

plus Pictures when sending sometimes time out and drop, and then messages dont notify properly for couple hours then they all come through at once lol

But I still use it to talk to people down in the US from Canada for free and its easy was on phone so

h0ruza#AC says:

A welcome update.

Does anyone know how do you stop receiving email notifications but keep the app notifications?

DWR_31 says:

Go into your profile on a desktop and hit the settings button.

Peter9 says:

Finally it's possible to slide through pictures in full screen mode.