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The first of Google's big social announcements today is a new addition to Google + -- communities. Communities are groups of people arranged around a Google+ hub page dedicated to a specific topic. Community membership can be public or private, Google says, and support anything from local neighborhoods to groups arranged around a common interest or activity.

Like circles, Google+ will let members share to particular communities with posts, photos, +1's and hangouts, so the community experience should be a familiar one for regular G+ users.

We're not seeing Google+ Communities on our accounts just yet, but we'd expect to see them appearing for most people later today -- check the sidebar menu on the right.

Alongside today's announcement, Google also dropped in a couple of stats detailing the progress of its 18-month-old social network. Some 500 members have "upgraded" their Google accounts to Google+, while 235 million are "active" on the service. Google includes users taking part in hangouts and +1ing items on the web and Google Play in this number; the number active "on stream" is apparently 135 million.

More details in today's promo video after the break.

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Google announces Google+ communities; G+ now at 235m active users


Androidcentral is a US blog. In the states we use 500m as 500,000,000. 500k would be 500,000.

Maybe you can request that they run all their numbers through a localizer for the region from which you are reading their posts.

I think I found my use for G+. Following the companies I like and people associated with it instead of using an app like Pulse or Currents. I just don't know but 2 or 3 people who use G+, everyone I know uses Facebook and/or Instagram.

Both Google Plus and Facebook as well as instagram and Twitter all serves it's overall purpose. Opening doors for ultimate opportunities to communicate with each other in many ways. I enjoy them all.

I hate social networking. I don't even have a Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc... account and it has nothing to do with privacy or whatever other reason people typically give for not liking them. I simply don't want to manage/remember passwords for those types of accounts and don't have friends that I care to socialize online with. I am glad people who like these services can use them though. My wife uses pretty much all of them and loves them.

I just think it is a damn shame I cannot even review apps I have paid for without signing up for a G+ account. I will not give google the satisfaction of counting me as an "active" user just so I can review apps. G+ accounts can be faked just as easy as Gmail accounts. This doesn't improve the quality of reviews. Trolls will still troll. I am sure the higher that "active" users number the more Google can charge for ads.

I like Android because they have always allowed me choices. This is a move that in my mind is as bad or worse than something Apple would do. The more they impose these restrictions on me the less I want to use their products.

Eh? You don't need a G+ account to review apps. You need a g-mail account but you need that to buy them in the first place surely.

The only reason I even got an G+ account, was to be able to review the apps that I download. Active user? I think not.

The reason G+ has so many users is that Google keeps forcing it down users' throats. First it was Picassa users, then YouTube users and now Play Store users. Just wait until they force GMail users to have a G+ profile... That's an easy way to brag about how big is your useless social network.