Google spent a good bit of time talking up Android Auto at Google I/O but for it to truly succeed, it needs partners. And that's just what it got with Google announcing 40 new partners into the Open Automotive Alliance.

We already knew the likes of Audi were on board, but the new list of partners covers car makers from all over the world such as Mazda, Renault and Bentley, as well as third-party in-car tech manufacturers such as Alpine, Clarion and JVCKenwood.

Oh, and the best part? The first cars will be on the road before the end of 2014.


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Google announces 40 new partners for the Open Automotive Alliance


I'm happy about the 3rd party folks getting I need a new head unit in the mini van. Yes I said mini van

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I/O really makes it hard for people to stay Apple fanboys or girls.

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I noticed that Toyota and GM were missing from the screen - the 2 biggest automakers. Google needs to make a deal them so that they don't go with Apple

Why? Volvo have "gone with Apple" and they're up on the list. What's wrong with offering both? You use an Android phone, you tick Android Auto when you're buying a car. You got an iPhone, tick CarPlay? The car industry is not like the phone industry. Car makers are in it for themselves, they're probably not that interested which one does better so long as they're making as much money as possible.

Yeah that's weird (besides chevy). Wonder what this means exactly when some of these companies have teamed up with other systems such as Audi with QNX/Blackberry

Love it. Fuck you vendors who don't support this. I'm not buying your car. Period. Clearly there will be plenty of others to choose from.

It's more likely a layer on top that would only be activated if you have an Android phone. I mean...you're not going to be forced to buy an Android phone to use your car.

I hope there will be something to adapt to a head unit that's already there

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I hope that it'll support some type of wireless mirroring too. I don't want to have to plug in my phone every time i get in the car. NFC, Bluetooth, MIFI could surely accomplish this, right?

I am torn between keeping my Jeep Wrangler basic so it can be rained in without worry, or augmenting it with some badass Google tech.

Decisions, decisions.

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Where's Tesla? It's literally running Linux indash, Elon Musk even was talking about getting Android in their cars as an "emulator or something"

I was curious about this...

Long story short, I have seen a car with this(at least some version) in it already. It will job be long before Android auto head units are out in the wild. Google has been working with Oems for a while now.

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Pretty sure there's already head units with Android, and head units that mirror your phone over HDMI/MHL too. This promises to be a bit more elegant but we'll see... I really don't need much from my head unit, so if it can't be done wirelessly I'd probably still rely on regular BT for anything but long trips and times when I need GPS nav.

So does this mean that new Android Auto decks will be coming out that can go in older cars?

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I think Lexus is making a dire mistake here. I'll use myself as a perfect example on why this decision will cost them dearly. I've been a staunch Japanese luxury vehicle fan because of the blend of quality and historical reliability. We buy our vehicles with the expectation of driving them 5 to 10 years because you can in this segment without worrying about dealing with the same longer term maintenance and reliability issues you would with the German luxury equivalents.

My generation and every generation after mine has grown up with technology being at the forefront of our purchasing decisions. If I'm dropping $65k on a vehicle and paying a premium on an infotainment system I now expect some future proofing (upgradeability) as a part of that because my computer, phone and TV have all trained me to expect that.

Android Auto and Apple Car can and will provide that. Do you really think the streaming music app of 2015 will the same in 2020? And look at how Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa have evolved from a voice recognition and artificial intelligence perspective in just a few years.

Therein lies the dilemma. If you are a car maker in 2016 (and beyond) offering a non-app-upgradeable proprietary system you will inherently lose a big demographic. You will also dis-incentivize your loyal customer base from buying because leasing will be the only way to protect yourself from being stuck with obsolete technology.

There's the rub though. If you are going to lease, you no longer care about reliability and therefore will purchase based upon styling and handling and many would argue that Germany has the advantage there.

I was planning to purchase the 2016 RX 350 F Sport but because of this very issue I have no choice but to go with the Audi Q7.