Goodnight, Nexus Q

Today, your slightly creepy (but ever-awesome) light goes out for the last time.

If you need us, we'll be in the Chromecast forums.


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Goodnight, sweet sphere ...


perhaps google should push an update out for the few people that have one to turn it into a chromecast? I imagine since the chromecast is an evolution of the Q it wouldnt be all that hard. mostly driver related.

So sad; the Nexus Q is probably the coolest looking gadget created. Why couldn't Google flash it with a (a slightly modified to cope with the hardware differences) Chromecast ROM?

*2nd most coolest looking. The award goes to the brown zune 30. With its translucent green plastic that is one of a kind and looked spectacular.

Mine is still sitting in its dock on my desk. I haven't quite figured out what to do with it... I think the trash can is in its future. Great looking device though!

Good riddance. The only people who had this were IO2012 attendees and the 10 people who ordered one and got it for free.

Mine still lives! I plan to actually plug a Chromecast into it (why would I do this you ask? Because it's powering a pair of floorstanding speakers along with sending video to the TV).

I wish I could have gotten one. I read about this when I was deployed, then I read about its demise a short time later.

This is a great idea. I have outdoor speakers that are connected to my AVR inside the house powered using Zone2. Got the Q to play outdoor music-but when using HDMI inputs, it didn't allow that source to played outside (it was Winter when I got the Q). I could actually re-route the outdoor speakers into the Q and keep in it in the garage and have my Tablet/phone actually use Chromecast as a bypass to play music through the Q's amplifier.

Thank you ottscay - Genius!

Wow ottscay I am not much of an audiophile, but I would be really interested in how you accomplish this connection......please let me email is I have my nexus q also connected to my TV and standing speakers....

This is the saddest thing I have ever read about a piece of technology. Do what Jerry suggested and make an XBMC out of it and show it some love!!

RIP Nexus Q!! You will be missed (though I never got to play with one :(

This device is now infamous. Great in concept, and with a successor sure to be a hit, but it will be long remembered as an historic tech failure.

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Yup, it shows the power of the price point, the Q was way too high and the Cgromecast is impulse-buy low.

This!! I'd like to win it to add to my HP TouchPad and RIM/BB PlayBook to added to my collection of Doomed hardware.

The video should have been BLS "In This River". I never had one but it's fate is a shame.

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Wow, people still asking $ 250 for the Nexus Q on eBay...

That is a lot of money for something they got for free and doesn't function anymore...

People are always going to Google I/O for the freebies, only to sell them days later =(

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I love the design though. I wish it could be used for something. I'd get it for $40 just to have it and mess with it. too bad idiots on ebay are charging $250 when they never paid one penny for it. Oh well. Chromecast on the way to me now.

No but they paid for I/O 2012 and they went. They already got what they paid for and, unless they have a time machine, they can't sell that to somebody else.

Look, I have no objection to them selling the swag they got at that or any other conference. I know a guy who worked for Enron 10 years ago and he sold some company swag on eBay. Consenting adults and all that. :D

It's sad to see a nexus device put out to pasture, especially in this sort of fashion. Google really did this device wrong, and I can't understand why. I'd love to buy one still, but I don't even see much development for it. The community is always great for picking up the OEM's slack, but without that I really don't see much reason to own one. Google really could have left compatibility alone, but they intentionally removed it....just sad.

So. Much. This. A Nexus device didn't deserve this treatment. Google could have handled it better. If it was priced right, from the get-go, then it would have had so much more potential.

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If you're looking for someone to take it off your hands and add it to their Nexus collection...

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Put it next to the bluray box of the original Battlestar Galactica and let it rest in peace like the Cylons.

Never touched one, wanted to but the opportunity never really came about.

I reflect the sentiments above, it did not deserve to get the cuecat treatment.

First Han Solo shooting first...and now this. So much death.

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I love the design of the Q, and would have one proudly displayed in my home as an object d' art (If I had one.

It never ceases to astonish me how fast tech changes. A year ago the Q was the cats pajamas even with it's flaws and high price. To be replaced by a 35 dollar dongle a year later is amazing.

Next year it'll be 99 cent Chromecast brain implants. Mark my words.

I realize there's overwhelming evidence (Chromecast, no longer on Google Play..etc.) that this device will never see the light of day again, but has there ever been an "official" Google announcement to confirm it. I know, wishful thinking it may still have a glimmer of life left.

I'm sad about this too. I would have loved the Nexus Q. For starters, I loved its design & look with the light band running around it...such a beautiful design of working/functional art in this mighty orb. I'm so sad to see it abandoned. Oh Google! Please, somebody keep it "alive", somehow.

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Chromecast gets a forum the day it's announced and the Hisense tablet doesn't? What's with that... we have a 28+ page thread in the "other" tablet section... WTH?

Next step, resurrect the Q design with a combination of a full version of ChromeOS and Chromecast capabilities.

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Damn it, I was hoping they would restart this project so I could get my hands on one, especially when I saw they released the JB 4.3 update for it. Oh well, at least I have my Chromecast on order.

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I didn't know it did that 'lap around the perimeter' light pulse thing seen in the gif. I want one now for that alone.