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Goby, a popular iPhone and iPod Touch application, has released an Android version of its  application. For those who are unfamiliar with Goby and what it has to offer, it is basically a location based search engine that gives users ideas of things to do to fill their spare time. Currently they have more then four million geo-tagged locations that are easily searchable, so the odds of finding something that interests you is pretty high. The application offers users some great features in their initial release, including but not limited to:

  • Coverage of 350 categories of things to do, from hiking and caving to restaurants and galleries
  • Coverage of every city, town and region in the United States
  • User geo-location at start
  • Result lists complete with photos
  • Maps and phone numbers to connect users to activities and places
  • Ability to share things to do through Twitter, Facebook and email

Be sure to give it a shot and give us a shout in the forums if you are able to cure some weekend boredom. Download links after the break.

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There are 11 comments

Sugewhyte says:

market link is wrong...

mikegoldnj says:

Barcode results in 'not found' search results. Search on Market for Goby also finds nothing.

several says:

So, it's like the Google Places app, but less so?

rader023 says:

Link works for me.

Quizshow says:

Attractive UI. I like it.

Uncle Louie says:

Didn't work for me either.... Came up with "Log Me In" app instead.

myanez says:

searched: goby, downloaded and installed... Works... DI

xWiggy18x says:

I love how the hiking trails list MOAB! Woo hoo i live there :-)

nkwebb140 says:

I took myanez83's advice - worked like a charm. Already found multiple interesting 'haunted' historical sites near me in Rhode Island.

Thanks again.

Works great, but I wish it had links to the actual hiking/biking trail maps, or could overlay them on its map.

commander 4 says:

It works great even better than on the iphone4