Google has updated the official Gmail app for Android today, with assorted changes for Android phones and tablets running Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. The most significant changes are for Android 3.2 tablets -- Honeycomb now gets access to a few handy features which until now have been reserved for ICS. These include swiping between messages, and a shortcut in the top left corner for selecting recent labels. Honeycombers also the ability to customize the way Gmail notifies you about mail with different labels.

Google hasn't forgotten that the majority of Android phones are still on Gingerbread or Froyo, however, and for them, this update will deliver performance improvements and a new labels API for  third-party app developers.

Hit that Google Play Store link and head to "My Apps" to grab your update.

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yodatom10 says:

I think u forget the link. At least on the mobile site

Joe H. says:

And google updated maps, google play books, and street view for maps. As well as adobe flash just got an update

jwoodsoniv says:

This is crazy, I dont notice any difference from the old version.

mickeyab3 says:

I wish they would add the option of disabling conversation view in the app.

I don't see a difference either evo 3d. And just as I didn't see a difference in the youtube update, which is strange because the EVO 3D has a high Def screen.


Nobody Else says:

What version number is this supposed to be? (I'm at 2.3.6)

darrylmendo says:

i don't see a difference on my HTC flyer - android 3.2.1

darrylmendo says:

actually I do see a difference now. It is a lot cleaner in how it operates. I just can't figure out how to get the swipe feature to work.