Leaked version caused issues, BB working hard to get things back on track

BlackBerry has finally given a statement on the status of the BBM rollout for users on Android and iOS, and it looks like things are on hold for the time being. BlackBerry is saying the leaked versions people were using have caused "issues" and that they are hard at work to get things back on track.

Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.

Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM. We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, and customers who downloaded it should visit to register for updates on official BBM for Android availability.

As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone. Please follow @BBM on Twitter for the latest updates and go to to sign-up for updates about BBM for Android and iPhone. These issues have not impacted BBM service for BlackBerry.

If you're one of the folks using the leaked version you'll probably want to uninstall it before BlackBerry does whatever they are going to do to disable it. And of course, if you're wanting to get up and running with BBM on Android, follow the directions above and register for updates.

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Global rollout of BBM for Android on hold


well at least we have some progress, most of the fake versions were removed from the play store :|

There is a shiny new fake app in the app store. Blackberry can't catch a break. How is it Google can not catch these fake apps after removing a ton of them today alone? Note the version numbers are different and there is some dude as contact with a gmail address.

If it's not a current enough version, it may not play nicely with the servers which can present issues. As well, with the influx of leaks being installed and used, the servers got bombarded from the get-go instead of a roll-out release like they had intended, inhibiting the ability to roll out additional server resources and tweak traffic management etc..

Totally agree with that.... It's not ready and they want to create done hype...

Really, who cares... They missed the bus and people moved away from Blackberry products to iOS and android and relying on products that work..... WhatsApp etc

Things happen sometimes. That's true.

Except in this case there is no reason for BBRY to get any beneift of the doubt given it's history of botching releaes and rollouts. The behaviuor today continues a pattern of behavior that is exactly why I left them as they mucked up the US release of BB10. Specifically, waiting 10 hours to comment on a release they said would be available at 7:00 AM is showing no respect or concern for their loyal supporters or those simply curious about BBM. They're trying to build buzz and hype and they used that to shoot themselves in the foot.

That's bad, and it is...and here's the important part...par for the course.

Pretty tempted to download the leak and give it a shot just because i think its BS and theyre looking for someone else to blame.

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Their reason is unacceptable, but the leaked app legitimately has issues.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

Lets say the app was not their latest issue before it leaked their labs. If they have properly programmed servers up to date, handling the older apk, which btw cant be that old since they announced it in may, should not been and issued at all.

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They didn't say it was going to be rolled out until AFTER the time it was scheduled to be arable had passed.

I love Blackberry but they seriously need to get their stuff together. Haters aside , all indications were that this was going to be huge and they should have had more than a couple hundred testers on this before today. By this I mean a public beta. They already have a beta testing program called Blackberry Beta Zone (I'm a member) for this kind of thing.

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Sorry but this is BS...

Almost no one paid attn to the leak much less loaded it until BB missed the launch this morning then it spread like wildfire.

If they'd just released it on time then it wouldn't have been an issue...

I agree, and if they can disable it NOW, why couldn't they disable it THEN!
Simple! There is way more to this story, they are wither covering for Google Play Stores incompetence, or their own! If they had server issues due to the leak, then they also would have stopped the iPhone roll outs as well, but they kept going well into the day. This smells of complete BS!

i couldn't agree more with u. for some strange reason i knew the app wasn't going to make it today. to much pushing it back. first it was Friday now its Saturday now we don't even have a date. since midday this app wasn't making its way to customers. if the app was suppose to release today then it would at least by midday. they fronting on this release now they pulling the leak versionn like if they cared all day unitl now.

Understood... Wasn't trying to shoot the messenger... :)

Just calling BS on the message.

And now I really doubt they are dumb enough to kick 1.1 million users off because they're using a leaked version...

That said every time I've said Blackberry couldn't get any dumber they've proven me wrong...

Hey look, we have an expert on the BlackBerry backend servers here.

Seriously, you people make me sick. Their statement made perfect sense and what they described is a very valid reason for delaying.

Delusional BlackBerry fanboys make me sick. You'll believe anything they say. And to make matters worse, you attack other people that don't want to drink the kool-aid.

Get a grip, it's a messaging app.

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@paulmike3 I apologize, I promise I'm not trying to be a dick. It just seems like this whole BBM stuff is getting blown WAY outta proportion. I was a little annoyed, when I made that post, and I apologize.

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No worries. I am no BB fanboy, I just wanted to point out that servers having problems from buggy, unreleased software hitting them (1.1M devices?) is very possible - in fact very probable. People accusing BB of lying are way off base and must have pent up aggression to deal with.

Little to none is best when playing nice. Let us do the heavy lifting.
I spent the day sweeping the barn. Came here now to check on my broken promise I knew I would find. Sho-nuff. BB doesn't disappoint.

SwiftKey'd from my Bohemoth Note2

I agree with you. Blackberry seems to always late at something

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Weren't people saying they weren't going to try BBM. Lol bunch of liars

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oh i will not getting the iphone 5s under any circumstances becuz i sir have a nexus 4 device. why would i go to the dark side. lol

well, i think 1.1 million is definitely means something for a leak. Not everyone that wants BBM will bother to use a leaked version, aren't they?

While 1.1m seems like a big number, it should not be a big number for the servers to handle. They should have been prepared for much bigger numbers. Something else is broken.

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While 1.1m seems like a big number, it should not be a big number for the servers to handle. They should have been prepared for much bigger numbers. Something else is broken.

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That statement is absolute HORSE SHIT!
If the leak was such an issue,ie server overload, etc. they should have disabled it at 7:00am!
They waited over 10 hours to let people know this? REALLY? It's amazing that Blackberry is still screwing us over, even after we got rid of our phones!

Hey look, I repeated my own comment, but thanks for your above average reading comprehension. Since there are a few people that apparently know more about Blackberry backend infrastructure than everyone else here, it bore repeating.

Clearly YOU know so much about it. If you're going to defend BlackBerry even when they don't deserve it, then share your vast knowledge. Defend them instead of mocking those who can see that BB doesn't give a rats a** about their customers.

Screwing you over how? It's a FREE app. I'm disappointed too but really it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

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We should coin a new phrase. When somebody beats you to it because you were just a little too slow, that's a "blackberry".

I was pounding out complaints on the fake ones today when I read about it. Glad to see them all gone. Can't wait for the real BBM to drop.

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That's the point. I CANT wait. Until it's released, BB won't be a company anymore.

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Take government and corporate customers out and those 5 people would have great server speed!

Posted via your wifes, girlfriends phone

Yeah, I'm curious, to see what the numbers look like, when the final app is released.

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I'm not buying this bs for a second sorry. My leak is working and will be staying. Something else is obviously going on they can blame the beta apk all they want but anyone with some sense knows better.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Mine was Working too, stoped lworking, then it worked again and now is not. I Will delete it and Waiting for the official .

Proudly Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE via Android Central App

Not sure how much longer I can wait for BlackBerry to do anything... I waited so long for bb10 and when got a Z10 when it came out.. And then I sold it and went N4. Being a former bb user even before the Z10 with bolds and curves, it's just really sickening to have to keep waiting! Always waiting! Waiting waiting waiting! Broken promises! So unreliable!

That being said I still absolutely can't wait for bbm to be available. I love bbm, but I don't regret one bit dumping my bb.

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Thanks for the update. I appreciate the feedback, but they seriously need to get it together. I'll patiently wait until the official release and I'll be over it at that time. I cannot believe I allowed blackberry to let me down and I haven't owned a blackberry in years.

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I was a loyal BB user for 7 years, but their BB10 US rollout was more than I could stand.

It's always someone else's fault with BBRY, from the carriers in the US BB10 rollout debacle to the leak users today. It makes me sad, but I can't say BBRY hasn't earned it's ultimate demise.


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Would you give it up with your stupid French Canadian comments, it wasn't funny the first time and now you look like even more of a frickin' uneducated IDIOT.
Maybe you should just keep your mouth shut for once, instead of sticking your foot in every time you open it!

AC seriously needs to incorporate a thumbs up/down button. BIG THUMBS UP for you, sir! Did you see how much air the Le Car got from hauling ass in the hills of SF? Wait, Le Car isn't French-Canadian, is it? DAMN.

Its irritating because I read on The Verge that its on the App Store already. How is it that its available to iPhone before Android when it was supposed to be the other way round.

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It's on schedule for iphone. It started in new Zealand where it's already tomorrow and consecutive time zones as follows.

And with no Sideloading of beta versions to mess it up they are running no problem.

Google play is a mess, that is all.

I don't get all the "this is bullshit" comments. Makes it look like BB owes us something....

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oh yeah, time after time...
if this constantly happens to the same vendor, maybe there IS something wrong with the vendor?

If it happens so many times why is everyone so pissed and whining this much? Apparently it was to be expected...

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It was expected. I think it's hilarious.
BB could have shut it down sooner, but they didn't because they're inept. Any app that gets a slow rollout ends up side loaded because folks don't want to wait. They should have anticipated that, but they didn't because they're inept. They also fired thousands of people right before a major product launch. Is it possible one of those folks got pissed and screwed with things? Of course, and they should have anticipated that possibility, but they didn't.

Or maybe it just didn't work as they expected with all the unanticipated traffic from the leaked app. But even if that's true, I don't understand why all the rage about this. If everyone knows how inept BB is, why all the fuss?

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Second rule, you get what you pay for. This is a company trying to give you an amazing product for free even when the average person is telling things like I wish blackberry a fast death.

People need to relax, they're working on it paying a team of people a lot of money (weekend OT) to get it out there

If anyone believes a leaked build delayed BBM global rollout then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. PALMBerry is run by buffoons and that is the reason why they are resting in the grave and only need one more pile of dirt to complete the burial.

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I am using the leaked version right now. And so far I didn't had a single problem with the app. One thing I didn't liked though. That always on BBM icon in my notification drawer. They must remove it, or at least give us a option to run that off.

Hahah, this is horrible they can't do anything right. I mean, I suppose there is a reason we all have android devices....

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It's really disappointing to see the lack of patience that people have. Yes it's a let down that BBM isn't ready yet. I've learned that more often than not something good can come out of something bad like the delay shows the serious problem google has as some of the MANY fake apps. had google pinned as the developer and others used blackberrys name. The playstore is a minefield of garbage. I personally thought blackberry did it on purpose to weed out the junk then release the real thing. Either way, with all this said hopefully by the time the REAL app. is ready... the fake garbage will be "GONE"

I had the pre-release and it never worked, so I removed it, then this morning when the official never showed up I stated poking around and on a live chat someone posted a link to the Asian release apk, grabbed it installed it and its working fine, I think its just one screw up after another for Blackberry, they cant or wont get their act together,

I don't buy the explanation Blackberry give us. The leak version appeared long time after the moment the app should have been release. Without the delay, I'm pretty sure that leaked version wouldn't have this "success". I was a BBM user and I'm happy that I'll be able to use day...maybe... on my GS4.

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This just goes to show you that Blackberry is prepared for absolutely NOTHING. Poor planning is the order of the day for Thor and his crew of hacks. Even if a leak was to blame you can be rest assured they got caught with their pants down or just weren't ready for #BBMFORALL launch. What a joke! Either way, you can't be surprised as to what those clowns at Waterloo are always up to. The only thing BB excels at if failing and they do that very good.

BBRY 8.73

Sorry guys... It's my fault... I'll take the blame... I downloaded the leaked version... And went click happy for about 20 minutes... I'm sure somewhere a monkey was being electrocuted every click... Then they ran out of monkeys... Overloading their servers....

all apologies...

Blackberry is not a 10-employee company on a limited budget and time.

They've had several months to get ONE messaging app out for iOS and Android and failed to deliver. This is inexcusable.

If this isn't proof enough that ALL Blackberry phone owners should ditch Blackberry ASAP, I don't know what is. There's iOS and Android... and then there's Windows.

Even Microsoft couldn't botched a software release like this. Oh wait, I take that back, they butchered the Windows OS by releasing Windows 8.

At least Microsoft released.. :p

No sane developer writes a server that's so fragile it can be broken by using a slightly older client, or even a broken one. 'Never trust the client' is one of the first thing newbie programmers learn.

Therefore saying a beta version of their own app halted a global rollout is either a complete lie or an admission that the bbm backend servers are not fit for purpose.

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BTW The only "leak" that's giving Blackberry issues is the leak at the bottom of the SS RIMTANIC which is just about under water.

I don't know what's worse. BB missing yet another deadline, people that actually care about bbm, or the people that are whining because they missed the deadline knowing it's par for the course. Wa Wa Wa. Quit whining move on.

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Keep moving.... To another platform, if you don't, we will make you!


Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

This sounds exactly like what happened with BBM 5 back in the day. Leaked version got out and it went around like wildfire. That time I think it broke BBM for everyone for awhile.
So the mistake is repeated, but this time it didn't break everything.
Someone should go shave Kevin's hair everyday until it's released.

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leaked apk seemed to work earlier, however I now get a screen inviting me to give them a email address to be one of the first to to find out when BBM will be available for Android and iPhone or alternatively I could buy a Q10, (hmm since I got a BBM pin, surely they already know who....)aw forget it.

I don't understand why anyone would care or want something so ancient. Can anyone inform me? What makes it SO special? Don't both parties have to be using it to be anything more than just a messaging app?

It's only just a messaging app, even with both parties using it. It's basically like hangouts, but without video calling, so although it's just a messaging app, it's a good one.

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Leaked means it came from their own software labs, so they should know what the issue is. If only 1.1 million caused a problem, I wonder how the are going to handle the masses. This people think we are stupid to swallow this bs? Why can they just admit they were not ready nor prepared for this instead of giving false hope. No wonder that company is having so much trouble staying afloat. I guess they do not know the meaning of quality control and beta testing.

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The issue has to do with people with BlackBerry phones running BBM with Blackberry Channels. Android and iOS users can message them but they can't message back. Most likely all of these failed replies (and the server side errors they generate) were causing a muck server side. On CrackBerry they posted the BAR file for the OLD BBM for people to load if they wanted to communicate with their Android and iOS friends.

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More fail and disappointment from BB? Never! Seriously time for them to go for good...I mean this is what happens to any company and product whose time has come and gone. It's like best buy trying to sell everyone VCRs or rotary dial phones or tube TVs.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Unfortunately, bbm still by lots of companies and government agencies, so people are force to carry 2 devices, a personal and work one. This would have solved that issue. I agree with you with this being old tech. But that the way the world goes.

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+1 I felt thay kind of relief today when started to use the leaked version. All what I want in one place is excellent and bye bye to thw work mobile phone for BBM

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cos some people liked it when they had blackberries (are ancient things so bad and have waxed lyrical about it. and so if something becomes available you might want to check it out. is that so hard to imagine?

as to why this has happened My bet is there were plenty of people in RIM who were not at all happy with expanding BBM or other software out to other OS which could be the end of the hardware or OS division. they could swallow iOS but Android? sure the leaks may have damaged the server if it was a 286 run by a grandma out in Saskatoon, Rim is bigger than that and the leaked apk was used for intra corporate bun slinging

Two brand new fake apps on deck by the same developer! Google and Blackberry look like idiots. They both got uploaded today. Made to look like the Official app.

Go play Angry Birds son

Proudly Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE via Android Central App

Why is this a "thing"? WTF is so special about BBM that even a tiny fraction of android users would even care? I'm disappointed...

Posted via Android Central App

BBM will be launched when iPhones start using android instead of iOS.

Posted via Android Central App

Allow me to play late night conspiracy theorist for a moment...half serious/half in jest. Is it possible if BB's story is valid & Apple knowing the leaked release could cause this to happen somehow managed to load up ton of dummy Android devices or something like that to have this happen specifically to make BB & Google/Android look bad while at the same time they get it problem free and look good by comparison?

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If you don't care & it's not real news to you why would you bother to a) read the article? b) take the time & effort to comment on it?

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know probably because

This is Android Central
He's an Android user
This is a comments section?

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I agree with shaytoon21 its completely useless and stupid. No one uses BB anymore. That's obvious by their recent business only move.

The only Bb device I've had is the storm but can't remember anything about it that would make me want to use their messaging app. Am I missing something?

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I knew this would happen. Blackberry has always been late.

Posted via Android Central App/Samsung Galaxy S4

I know a happy employee is a hard working employee. Maybe after hearing that 4500 of their co-workers were out of a job some "mistakes" were made.

I don't want Blackberry to fail but it's like watching a car accident in slow motion.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree.. It may still be published, and may work well. But it's another lost chance of building some perception that it has control over at least one project in the company. I want to see BBM work, and BlackBerry have a chance in whatever capacity it can, but this hasn't helped BlackBerry's image at all.

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I think the release of their Android application is the least of BlackBerry's worries right now.

Posted via Android Central App

After all this, is it any surprise they are going out of business?

Posted via Android Central App

They are not going out of business. They are restructuring their business to emphasise the business application at the expense if the consumer portion but that is not even remotely the same thing.

Posted via Android Central App

No they are refocusing their efforts. If they were going out of business they would simply have cut their losses not announced a new phone (Z30) the other day.

Posted via Android Central App

I hate to say it but BlackBerry failed once again, which has been the main reason why I know a lot of people left them in the first place. This does not bode well to reinstate faith in their products to users that switched to other brands because of problems to begin with. So glad I own no blackberry stock!

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This entire launch is a joke. BlackBerry is a syncing ship, text message plans are plenty generous now, so why the hell does anyone need BBM? Just let it die already.

Posted via Android Central App

I would like to know exactly how old some of you are? You probably have never used a BB and yet you bash on it? Have respect for the company that started all the smartphones. Ignorance is all I'm seeing. People care way to much for android and defend it like it was the first and only. Do the research!

As for BBM, awesome app. Give it a try. It does exactly what its purpose is and not a gooey eye candy app. You people make ignorant agreements without doing any type of judge without trying. Makes me sick to think that there are that many idiots out there. Do you bash Sony cause you favor LG knowing that you have never tried sony? Sickening......really is.

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I'm 32. Do I meet your minimum age requirement?

BBM isn't THAT good. It's not BAD, but people outside the corporate sector have moved on. If you need something other than texting due to costs, there are a ton of options. Skype, Tango, Oovoo, Whatsapp, legacy clients such as AIM, YIM, etc.

In the tech world it doesn't matter what you did in the past. If you're no longer relevant, you're no longer relevant.

I'm 39. 6 years of BlackBerry. Latest was 9930. Almost went with the Z10, but Sprint refused to carry it. That, along with all of BB's missteps, brought me to the HTC One. Only used BBM with two people (married couple). They were the only friends I had with BB.

Does that answer your question?

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I agree with you. I was merely stating both a fact and opinion. BlackBerry is a great business device. They are just trying to expand is all. If they make it then good for them.

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Another day another fail for RIMberry or whatever they are calling themselves this week. Soon enough this company will be just another item on the junkpile of forgotten technology companies. The Studebaker of smartphones.

Ha, blackberry will never get it right! Am sure that unofficial app has done summit to my phone!

Posted via your phone

Ha, blackberry will never get it right! Am sure that unofficial app has done summit to my phone!

Posted via your phone

People on the crackberry side are blaming "Google's insecure and malware filled platform". I see De Nile isn't just a river in Egypt.

Posted via Android Central App

I was able to download and use the leaked BBM version before it was disabled and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The one thing BlackBerry as a company has not been good at is delivering products at the projected time frame and this is something that will continue to bite them in the rear until they change that attitude as a company. In today's highly competitive mobile space, you only have a short window of time to capture your target audience & if you miss it the rest is history!!

I shouldn't worry about it guys .. I think blackberry will be calling in the administrators any day now ... They can't continue like they are,with huge losses and making thousands redundant ...the writings on the wall for them ...
BlackBerry messenger is the least of their problems right now .
Don't get me wrong ...I hope they can turn things around ,but I somehow doubt it ...its all too little to late ...I bit like HTC ..

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Ha ha all the fake apps are back, Could someone hack these guy's so they don't come back

Posted via Android Central App

It seems Google takes its IOS versions of its own apps much more seriously than its Android versions. Android does seem to get better, it's worse now than it ever was!

This is such a cluster ****, why is this on hold? Not for one minute do I believe that a leaked version caused all this. If that was the case then BB has an even bigger problem then a bad release. Wake me up when they get their stuff together.

It's not just the leaked version itself. It's the fact that the people running the new BBM with channels can't send to users using the beta app. They get the messages sent to them but can't reply.

Posted via Android Central App

Fake apps are annoying. Can't Google in this case just reject any app submitted that has "BBM" or " Blackberry" in the title if the developer isn't "Blackberry Limited" official dev?

Posted via Android Central App

Lets foget about BBM itself for a minute.

This is a blessing in disguise. Finally the very poor app filtering in the Google PlayStore is being highlighted like never before. Even today, after yesterday's clear up, a load of crummy knock-off apps have again found their way into the play store.

Google needs to disable "BBM" and "Blackberry Messenger" titles as well as Blackberry related author names and allow the real RIM company to publish it.

Black(&Blue)berry should be thankful that the mere 1.1 million users of the leaked app caused their stuff to break _before_ the launch of the official app. Just imagine the embarrassment they would have gone through when their stuff broke after the official launch and 7 gazillion users swamped their servers all at once.

But that's the problem with being both closed and small minded.

Posted via Android Central App

If Google improves their app filtering as a result of this then I agree it's a blessing in disguise. The amount of fake apps that appear so quickly is just ridiculous.

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I'm still struggling to find a reason why people care so much about this. It's bbm. Just use hangouts.

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BBM was the reason why I liked Blackberry, internal secure network communication (BIS) since it doesn't go through the open internet, instant messages with no delay, no need to share your phone number, add new contacts via a barcode using camera, etc.

I know lots on Google+ but nobody seems to use Hangout, it isn't that great, Hangout has a long ways to go IMO, Google was planning to turn Hangout into Android's standard SMS app too. For now I use Live/Skype to communicate with others, hopefully BBM will make its return, but with the way RIM has been handled... I won't hold my breath.

I'll just check it out when the official app is released. Hope it all gets sorted soon. Looking forward to trying it.

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BBM is a great app for what it does, dare I say the best, better even than Whatsapp. BlackBerry has made lots of mistakes but BBM is not one of them. The app is worth the wait, they aren't the best but this is a good move for them.

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Best part about this is everyone thst is bashing Blackberry will download BBM when it comes out.

Posted via Android Central App

any new news, I used to have a bb for bbm but I got a S4 because android is way better but I always missed bbm...

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In my mind, I have to wonder why even bother? Just put the company out of its misery, get the share holders what little value is left and just sell off the assets while there is still value to them.

RIM announces a launch date to announce another launch date on the actual launch date. No wonder the company's gone downhill.

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When I was looking at BBM for my Android phone I first read the comments and I was blown away. What O read stopped me from even downloading BBM to my phone. You had no choice on the matter,you HAD to give the App a 5 star rating AND +1 it before you could install it on your phone. How rude and abusive is that. Shame on you BlackBerry for doing that.

Posted via Android Central App

Err, seeing that BBM is NOT available for Android yet, and therefore not available on the Google Play Store yet, the comments you were reading is for a fake BBM and therefore NOT "BlackBerry".

What if Blackberry gets acquired before launching BBM for Android and then the new owner decides to roll back???

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Hey my Gmail account didn't work yesterday, I'm never using any Google product again!!!!

Posted using my BlackBerry Q10