It's been a long wait, but Samsung Captivate users can finally upgrade their device to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Here are the benefits of updating your device, according to the Samsung page:

  • Download management
  • New layout for larger fonts
  • Word prediction, multi-touch for numerical input
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste
  • Fixed Top-menu in Gmail
  • Voice Search added into the search categories
  • Vertical play mode added to YouTube
  • 3D graphic driver updates
  • Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance
  • Concurrent Garbage Collector  technology embedded to reduce lags in games
  • Being able to show your face in public

Unfortunately, to get this update you'll still have to go through the dreaded Kies system, but Samsung has put step-by-step directions on their site. Hit up the source link for the instructions. For more info or to see how the update is going for others, please hit up our Samsung Captivate Forum.

Source: SamsungThanks, Bruce, and everyone else who sent this in!


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Gingerbread finally available for Samsung Captivate


I'm glad they pushed out the update. So far my captivate is working great. Haven't dive into everything yet, but looks great as of right now.

Weird, I thought AT&T released it a while ago. Been running Rogers version for 2 to 3 months now, although it's only 2.3.4

Here I thought I would have to wait till 12-21-2012 to get the update.

Best news EVER on Android Central!!!! Thanks guys, you made my morning!

No. That's when the Galaxy S2 phones will get their update to 4.0

(Sorry, I couldn't resist...Samsung makes it just too easy) :-)

Excellent news! Wish I didn't have to reinstall apps and other stuff but I'll do that just to get to GB!

I had 2.3 back in June (xda-Serendipity 7) then 2.3.7 (CM7.1) in October, & now I have ICS (xda-teamhacksung soon to be CM9) since December! GB is ok but just wait until you have ICS on your Captivate!! And remember Samsung has already said they won't supply the ICS or 'value pack' to the Galaxy S models. So forget Samsung and kies! See what your Captivate can really do with ICS! You may be like me and not want another phone for a long long time!

Will i have to reinstall apps? Also will i lose progress on games? I play paradise island and would hate to start over after 3 months! Please help. Ps. This is my first post. So happy to be a member!

No. Any time you take an official update from the carrier/manufacturer, it retains all of your apps & data.

P.s. Welcome to Android Central!

That is not correct. See the official documentation from Samsung:

Warning! The upgrade process will Erase ALL User Data from the device, including contacts, messages and 3rd party applications. All settings will be reset to factory defaults.

I was surprised but everything stayed in place after the upgrade! Nothing was removed but I did remove my SD card beforehand just to make sure.

Good. Maybe Samsung just put that in there (that it will remove everything) to CYA in case something goes wrong??

I did so many back ups, and expected to have so much to do when the update was over. To my surprise it didn't erase anything. I'm shocked I got the update, and even more shocked when nothing was erased. Just put everything on your sd card and remove before updating.

google should not let companies release new phones when phones like this fall this far behind, come on now, they are JUST getting gingerbread! Disgusting

It's not up to Google. They have already released the ICS source code. Samsung is welcome to launch it & update it on any phones they release/service.

Things get delayed because they insist on putting in their crappy launcher (Touchwiz) first, before sending it to the carriers who also insist on loading in their bloatware.

The only way to make sure you get official updates as soon as they are available is to buy a Nexus. Other than that, you could root your phone & install ROMs (like CyanogenMod) which stay as close to stock Android as they can & usually come out shortly after Google releases the current source code.

Does anyone actually still own this phone? I got rid of mine as soon as it became clear that the GPS was worthless and would never work properly.

Are you just trolling? Judging by the people that posted before you, not only do people still own it, they are happy to receive this update.

Debbie Downer.

Gingerbread was just released a little over a year ago. Pretty quick update. Pretty quick. Nice job Samsung.

I assume that's sarcasm - it's actually more AT&T's fault I think. The more parties we get involved the longer it takes.

Too little, too late - I put CM7.1 on my Captivate last October and I love it...except for the camera. I might try reverting to this but I know I'll have to root it to remove all the AT&T crapware.

Couldn't agree more. Put CM7.1 on both mine and my fiancee Captivate. I can't imagine Samsung official release being as good.

I also agree about the camera on sucks. I purchased CameraFX, much improvement!

Well, I have to eat my words. I love the customizations in CM7 (and probably 9) but I'm tired of the featureless email app, slow camera (8 sec to start), jerky video (tried the framerate hack), and the fact that Amazon Instant Video (pulled from the Fire) won't work on it. I went back to stock KK4 (but rooted to remove bloatware) and all those things work great now. I'll probably keep it on KK4 and buy an S3 when it comes out.

Unfortunately for me, the update bricked my Captivate just a few minutes ago. Kies said the update completed, the phone rebooted and when showing the AT&T logo it changed the screen color to a deep jade green, went EXTREMELY hot and then nothing. Removed/changed battery, sim card, sd card, pressed buttons in all possible combinations but nothing. Dead. Called AT&T support and they told me to bring phone to a service center (thankfully only a few miles from my workplace) for evaluation. Thankfully I have insurance and did a backup of all contacts, music and photos.

Thanks Samsung.

Two questions:
I have an unlocked captivate can i put GB on the phone and will it remain unlocked? Also will the gps work after the GB upgrade?

MIUI 2.3.7 is incredible on the Captivate, it makes it worth owning.

That said, I can't wait to get the Sky Rocket in March, or whatever the most awesome phone is when I can upgrade

As a few others have already posted, I upgraded and didn't lose any of my data so nothing needed to be reinstalled or backed up. So far, my phone does feel a little zippier. Glad this is finally out.

This one I put the blame on heavily on AT&T for the delays. This I would put is oh only 9 months late. It should of never taken this long.

Sad since many of the captivate buyers are coming to an end of their contract and ready for a new phone. Sadly AT&T and Samsung really burned them to android.

There is ZERO and I repeat ZERO excuse for it coming out this late.

Cool its KK4 from november. You guys should check out XDA for KK4 based custom ROMs if you're not afraid of using odin to flash and have the patience to learn about flashing lol