Android 2.3 Gingerbread

We're still waiting on an announcement for Gingerbread, but damned if Android 2.3 hasn't shown up in a demo of voice search (in Cantonese) on the GOOGLEinHK YouTube channel. The video likely will be pulled pretty quickly -- and in all honesty you don't get too much more than the new black nav bar and colored launcher, along with a new tab in the market and a few new settings buttons. But it's Gingerbread (and no telling how complete), and we'll take what we can get. Peep it after the break. [YouTube via Android-HK Android Noodles, Android Police]

Update: And the video's been pulled rehosted. After the break.


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Gingerbread shows itself in official video (update: And the video's back up)


Who else wants to say 'Hello Computer?' when they talk to their phone?

Only been at this Android thing a week and already I'm chomping at the bit for Gingerbread.

Quick someone use Google Translate app to translate the audio and then use Google goggles app on the text LOL. See what the new features are.

So far I am not overly impressed with the way the Gingerbread homescreen looks. I'm not a fan of the squared-off corners. I like the new notification bar. Other than that, Froyo looks better in my opinion.

I do hope Gingerbread brings in a lot more speed to the phone. Since Froyo, my Nexus One seems a bit slower than it used to with Live Wallpapers turned on.

It's gingerbread because the new gmail icon in the notification bar and look at all the green system information icons. And the phone and web icons look new. I guess it's good to be green.

Does anyone else hate how when you use the search box it always shows google search results first. I really miss the just type feature on my old Palm Pre. Google search results were the last thing it would show, showing contacts and apps first.

I didnt watch the video, so i missed out on the GINGERBREADness. But would it be possible for someone to fake this through a rom of some sort...??

Gingerbread is going to be in cantonese? Damnit, I better start working on that right now to help with the learning curve.

Underwhelming UI tweaks. I wouldn't want to be forced to leave Sense (Droid Incredible) to get that version of Gingerbread.

So what the heck is in this thing if it's not a significantly changed UI? I all of a sudden don't care a whole lot about Gingerbread, and if Honeycomb is all about the tablet, then I don't really care about that either.

I for one don't think Android is hard to use or *needs* a UI overhaul, but that seems to be the consensus. It takes a few minutes to show someone the difference between an app and a widget, and where they are located...and you're done.

If they added hardware acceleration as part of Gingerbread, it is worth it just for that one thing! I'm hoping LauncherPro is already updating their app to handle Gingerbread because I have come to rely on many of LP's features, including the widgets and being able to change # rows and # columns on my screens! Or it would ROCK if Google copied them and added this functionality/flexibility with Gingerbread or the next update...

And the builds should have little tweaks here and there that will speed things up. As well as add new features that the wireless companies are sure to cripple and charge for. That was why the Nexus 1 is so great.

Everything is in sexy green and black, loving that theme. Still sorta sad it was a Nexus one and not a Nexus S in the video, we would have had 10 more minutes of Nexus S talk on the podcast lol...