HTC Wildfire with Gingerbread

Gingerbread ROMs are being ported from the 2.3 SDK device emulator left and right.  As of this writing, we have the Eris, the Hero, the Wildfire (pictured, and video after the break), and the Evo 4G all booting up Gingerbread, and I'm sure we probably will see more, the OG Droid and Droid Incredible can't be far behind. 

It's awesome, just because it's awesome.  Booting up Gingerbread and looking through the UI on a device it a load of fun.  Don't expect too much going in, and be sure to have a good backup to return to, then give it a whirl.  There's a video after the break to give you an idea of what to expect for the most part. [Eris; Hero; Wildfire; Evo] Thanks everyone who sent these in!


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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Why can't anybody figure out how to take a video in focus? It's downright ridiculous.

jason821 says:

Couldnt agree more.

smooney3 says:

I know! If all you can tell is that it seems to be running Android, what's the point. Taking a halfway decent video isn't rocket science, folks.

"Instead if complaining, Take the time to make the video yourself and put it up only a day after the SDK release."
Are you implying he somehow had to rush to shit a blurry video out? Because no, he could've taken a decent quality video no problem. And just because someone did a bad job at recording a video doesn't mean that someone else should have to go 1up him with their own video, it should have been done right the first time.

Catalyst#AC says:

My seven year old daughter has better video taking skills and she is blind. This was like the video capturing the elusive big foot!

Isaiah says:

Yes, The video is blurry. Instead if complaining, Take the time to make the video yourself and put it up only a day after the SDK release. Kudos to the video uploader for giving everyone a little preview. What ever happened to being grateful for early showings like this? Geez.

Thablackguy says:

Early showings of what ??? i didn't see anything that looked like anything !! this could EASILY just be a rom. not saying it is but why put in all that work and then put a blurry video so ppl will say its crap ???

Mptrh336 says:

If they are porting roms to these random devices is there any chance we could see these come to the galaxy s line of devices any time soon?

n64kps says:

Nope, Samsung software is always a several months behind :-P

E_man says:

Yes. The Nexus S and Galaxy S are so similar, porting should be a breeze.

bobaka says:

well... it's a video.. i can tell that much...

Reciprocal says:

I'll keep my hopes up for 2.3 on the Optimus One. its been getting great support right out of the gate. Just hope the devs can make it work.

i'm hoping for a working 2.3 for my X, not like the laughing stock that was 2.2 when it launched

how ironic the N1 is not listed. Not the 1st one this time?

hintzilla says:

The Eris and Hero links in the post both link to the Eris thread. Anyone know the link for the actual Hero thread?

JagoX says:

The Droid Eris is basically a redesigned HTC Hero so they're more or less the same phone.

Ted#AC says:

I wonder how effective all these UI changes will be on Sense UI and other custom ones?

cmyasika1 says:

Any chance the optimus s will get this port?

Grateful for someone taking the time to make a video. Not grateful for anyone who can't make even a halfway decent quality video. If you're technical enough to load a leaked/unofficial ROM onto your phone you should damn well be able to make a decent video. FAIL.

Isaiah says:

Why? Why should someone that can load a rom be able to shoot video? That makes no sense. Should it work the other way too? By your argument, anyone that can shoot a good video can hack their phone. I know several photographers and video people that make awesome video but are scared to death of hacking their phone. That is the most pathetic argument I've heard here in a while. One talent does not equal another. It's like saying a cook should be able to farm or likewise. My goodness man. Sad, sad. Fail.

TXBlade#AC says:

I think the implication is twofold …
1.If you are tech savvy enough to load a ROM the same adeptness for technology would allow you to focus your camera
2.Also focusing a camera is probably a “lesser” skill than loading a ROM and therefore implying if you can do this then you should be able to do the lesser. Using your cook, if you can cook then you know how to peel potatoes

I would think this is an issue of pride, if I’m going to put a video on the internet I would do the best job I could to ensure the best quality … but then again it seems my ideals aren’t shared by everyone.
Thank you for the effort.. A+ for the ROM, A- for the effort and D for the video.

JagoX says:

Plus turning on the lights might help too ;)

moises1204 says:

this is the worst video i ever watched.

newport428 says:

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cmyasika1 says:

Any chance we Optimus S owners will get one of these? The UI looks AWESOME!!!!!!

derryj3 says:

Lmao at the video. No thanks

theking798 says:

Where do I get a os from