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Back in December when the Gingerbread SDK was released, some folks found an interesting file hidden deep within.  While we still don't claim to understand this level of artistic genius, at least we know why it was there.  Now if we only knew why it was there.  Check out the video and play along if you have the hardware. [XDA-Developers] Thanks James!


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Gingerbread easter egg discovered


He has 4-5 new versions the clock in the BW downloads section of the widget now ginger 2 seems more to my liking.

This is a background you can also find if you have ADW Ex as your launcher with the Gingerbread theme installed. Then go to Wallpaper->Baked Goods to find the zombie Gingerbread paper.

did you happen to catch this line? "Back in December when the Gingerbread SDK was released, some folks found an interesting file hidden deep within. " and your link goes to a december 31st forum december 31st in december?

This is also on Evervolv's 1.0.1a1 gingerbread as well, which i guess is on all his build for the Evo and Dinc, just tested this on my Evo.

everyone thinks this 'easter egg' is cool but i bet this is some sort of security feature like watermarks on checks or money...

OMG I knew they were the anti christ and Illuminati !!! I need to get RID of my epic 4g I dont worship the devil!!!