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Things have been pretty quiet on the update front for Samsung Droid Charge owners as of late, unlike the HTC Thunderbolt there hasn't been any leaked radio files, no leaked Gingerbread builds or anything of that nature. That is until the latest video from p3droid popped up -- yes, what you see running above in that video is Gingerbread along with Netflix up and running on a Samsung Droid Charge. We still don't have any dates for such a version to be released but boy; it sure is pretty to look at.

Source: MyDroidWorld

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ortie001 says:


Lobout says:

Where's the beef.. err I mean leak... ;-)

ronzorelli says:

The word is "quiet", not "quite".

triangle8 says:

Bring it! Now. Please.

lonndoggie says:

Beautiful? Ah, I's still got that craptastic orange and brown TouchWiz (emphasis on Whiz) color scheme.

But GB? Oh yeah, I'm ready. Cyanogenmod, ready for one more device?

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YzBrad99 says:

This phone has a front facing camera. I hope it has the Google talk video chat built in to it which i thought was 2.3.4

enigma2u says:

I hope this comes soon. ..I ditched the tbolt for this does need gb badly. ..Oh and one more thing. ..Is there any way to overclock the processor on this to help get rid of some of this lag. ..this is a solid phone just needs some tweeks badly

livinglegend says:

If you want to root your phone, just implement the Voodoo lag fix. It makes the lag go away. If you want to overclock it as well, you can do that. But I find the Voodoo lag fix is all I need.

robby2769 says:

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

richardpandy says:

So that video doesn't show crap. 2.3.3 great - I don't use netflix, no raving for it here based on that video.