If you have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab on AT&T, Rogers or Bell and wished that you could use it to make voice calls, you are in luck. XDA member ClubTech has released a method that works on these carriers that will allow you to bring voice calling to your tablet. Unfortunately this method will not work on T-Mobile due to its IMEI block (you'll need this method for that), and will not work on CDMA carriers, either, for the semi-obvious reasons. (Hint: They're not GSM.) Hit the source link for full download links and instructions to bring voice calling to your tablet! XDA Developers]


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Get voice calling on your AT&T, Rogers and Bell Galaxy Tab


It totally works, and totally doesn't suck.

Plus it puts you on "unbranded" Samsung firmware, which is much faster to get updates than the US/Canada carrier versions, and has no carrier bloatware either.

I dunno man, the glasses, they kinda make the Tab look a little smaller just from the perspective confusion they create. :)

I'm still confused as to why one would even want to make calls on it. Well, aside from the change in firmware being beneficial.

Hook a blue tooth and it's as good as a phone also you wouldn't have to carry a phone and a tab; just a tab.

Even though it's smaller than the ipad, I still think it's too large to carry around everyday and use as a replacement for your phone. Unless you're a woman and carry a purse, or you carry a backpack wherever you go, it's not very practical imo.

So the deal is? It has all the equipment necessary to make and receive phone calls but att doesn't allow it? Does this method use carrier minutes or gtalk?