Google Play on the Revue

Ask anyone who has a Logitech Revue, and they'll tell you it can be a temperamental son-of-a-biscuit every now and then. Most of us still love the Google TV experience, but owning a Revue means you'll need to get familiar with work-arounds. Here's a simple one to get the Google play update running on your Revue if you got stuck in the "update available/updating" loop:

Pull the plug for 10 seconds.

In fact, pulling the plug and counting to 10 before you re-power your Revue solves a lot of problems. I found myself with the Market update waiting, and nothing I could do would fix it until I just powered the whole damn thing down. When it came back, I had the shiny new Google play service ready and waiting. If it would only work for Hulu plus...

Source: Android Central forums

Hat tip to ryanfoley613 for reminding us of the trick!


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Get Google Play up and running on your Logitech Revue [How-To]


Sadly, still doesn't work for me.. mine says authentication error and then just goes back to the updating market.. has been like that for days now, no matter how many times I unplug it, beat it with a hammer or whatever.

mine wouldn't update any apps after many restarts and unplugs, finally hard reset it and it worked for a bit and its doing it again!! altho a restart has fixed it but counting the days that it stops again, im not going to buy another google tv product untill its ARM

I'm trying for the first time on my Google TV box to update to the Play Shop. How long should it take to update? I've left mine for about an hour and its still updating.

I might just leave it all night.

Could me being in the UK where Google TV isn't officially released be a problem?

Well, you see: That's the issue. If you just leave it, it will never update. The instructions above are to fix this symptom. And yes, being in the UK could be part of the issue much like mine.. I'm in Canada.

Amen for pulling the plug. It is a weekly event for me. Can't wait for the second gen stuff to come out. Hoping Motorola does something with it.

Just an FYI in case you missed it, but hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL(Backspace) soft-resets the Revue. I do so once every week or two, and it seems to clear laggy operating and buggy netflix behavior. Just do that after you power everything else (TV, amp, STB) for the night, and it should be fresh for the next day.

Thanks! This worked for me. I'm not sure why soft-reseting worked when physically pulling the plug didn't, but I'm not too concerned.

Mine updated without doing any of this. Just lucky I guess. The big problem is that Google Play Movies doesn't work on it. Hopefully it's coming soon.

Exactly my words. Never had a problem with updates but I did expect Google play movies to have been working on Google TV first. The official word from Google is that it's on the way...

Mine updated no problems either... thank god I'm one of the lucky ones also. My friend bought one and she has nothing but problems with hers

I have to knock on wood. I own a Droid HTC Incredible, one HTC Thunderbolt, one Nook Color, and Asus Transformer, and a couple of Revues and never had a problem with them like other people. Do not ask me why, have no idea, maybe just luck.

In this case, I did not do anything to the Revues, I just went to check both of them and the new Google play was already installed and running perfectly.

Ya, my Revue updated to Google Play just fine. I have had it fail to update stuff before though. Revue represent!

thanks guys, it worked for me, now if only I could figure out how to play my rented movies on the thing other then the terrible quality off youtube! :(

Hey android fanactics. Here's how to push the update. I did the same method on my galaxy nexus. Goto settings, applications, market and clear cache, force stop. Then reopen market it will update to google play. Phone tablet and now my google TV are updated. Enjoy guys.

Google TV said "Google Play currently only works inside the US. We are trying to get a solution released."