So you found a new Android phone under your tree this year did you?  Welcome to the family, we're glad you're here, and you picked the right place to visit.  We understand all the options and choices can be a bit overwhelming if you're new to smartphones in general, or switching from another platform.  We have you covered, and here's a great set of resources to get you started.

  • Android forums: Most times the answers you want and need come from people just like you -- Android users.  You'll find out forums full of helpful and friendly people, who also know their stuff when it comes to Android devices. 
  • Help and Tips: When your new phone or tablet can do so much, sometimes it's hard to figure out the how and where.  These handy tips will get you pointed in the right direction so you can begin to make things you own.
  • Accessories: Looking for a case to protect your new phone?  Or maybe you want a spare battery or a new data cable?  We have you covered at the Android Central store. 
  • Applications: Android has about half a million apps, and sorting through them all is impossible.  We can help -- we look at more than a few and let you know about the ones we're particularly fond of.  Check it out!
  • And finally, our own forums adviser milominderbinder has the ultimate resource for any Android user in his Getting Started With Android post.  It's legendary, and we're darn lucky to have him around.  Be sure to have a read -- I promise you'll learn something. 
  • The Android Dictionary:  You're going to see a lot of terminology you may not understand, and we've got a great reference here for you.  Bookmark this one.

You're in for a treat with your new Android powered device, and you can always count on us to steer you right.  Settle in, and enjoy yourselves!


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Get an Android for Christmas? Need help with your Android? Here's where to start!


This is definitely helpful! (Hopefully) getting the Galaxy Nexus tomorrow!! Would have it today but I need a $400 security deposit.

I had an iphone for 3 years (3g,3gs and 4) and switched to galaxy s2 last week. if you liked your iphone jailbroken than android is for you. all the jailbreak features I ever used are built into android and it has the screen size and speed everyone was hoping to get in the rumored iphone 5 release a few months ago. So unless you're uncle Bob or grandma Judy you won't need the receipt.

If not, I would imagine it is possible to mod it to reduce the usable screen size and functionality. If nothing else they could cover a third of the screen with electrical tape and restrict themselves to the app drawer.

...3 ppl in my family got new droids for Xmas. One was a fourth gen BB user and two were iPhone users, smooth3066...

Saying there weren't a lot would depend on what you base it on. Based on sales it would be a decent number. Based on population ratio maybe not lol

My dad got an iphone for xmas and traded it in for a droid after 3 days. I phone's functionality sux... Jus sayin....