Game of Thrones on Google Play

Just days after its conclusion on TV, the fourth season of Game of Thrones is available for Brits to stream through Google Play and Amazon Instant Video. The entire ten-episode run will set you back £18.49 in SD or £24.49 in HD from Google Play or £16.99-23.99 from Amazon. Google offers a little bonus content with a season purchase, however, including an inside look at the Valyrian language, a recap of season three, and a preview of some of the new characters and locales in season four. If you want to pay by the episode, each one will cost £2.49 in HD or £1.89 in SD.

There's no sign of the latest season appearing on either platform in the U.S. yet, so American fans will need to go directly to HBO for their Thrones fix.

Gearing up for a Game of Thrones binge? Shout out in the comments, and try to keep things spoiler-free for new viewers.


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Game of Thrones season 4 lands on Google Play + Amazon Instant Video in the UK


Why oh why do they insist on charging extra for HD. Its 2014 everyone watches HD yet we get charged a premium. I pay $20 extra a month to watch HD on cable :(

That's why you'll use the HBO go app instead

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Check to see if your cable subscription have HBO Go access. You can use you cable account to log into HBO Go.

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