The highly addicting Game Dev Story by Kariosoft is on sale today, and only today, in the Android Market for the super awesome low price of $1.20. That's 75% off for those of you keeping tabs. The game is a management sim that puts you into the shoes of a start-up video game developer company. From there, you'll hire people, train them, get contract work, and ultimately -- create your own gaming IP. Heck, you could even pull a Mr. Trump, and fire your whole staff.

And since we like the game so much, we even want all of your iPhone buddies to know about it. It is also on sale in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Video after the break. [GameSetWatch via Joystiq]


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Game Dev Story on sale today for $1.20


Looks fun enough, except for the slight problem that I'm already busy actually working towards that goal.

What's the deal with the price being $2.43us in the market? Did you guys post a news release without checking first? It is sad to see mistakes like this.

I was scrolling through the market last night at around 2:30 am EST time and this game was being featured for $1.20.

It said for the day only though, so it could have been a sale from yesterday that just hadn't updated.