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If you're not using S Voice regularly, you could speed up your home button a little with one easy setting change

Samsung's 'S Voice' assistant app has improved considerably on the Galaxy S4. In fact, it's worth revisiting if you dismissed it on earlier devices due to slow performance or hit-and-miss speech recognition. On the other hand, if you're not using S Voice regularly, there's a quick, easy setting change you can perform to make the home key just a little more responsive.

By default, when you double-tap the home key, you'll launch straight into S Voice. That means when you press home, there's a very short pause while the phone waits for a second button press. To avoid this and have the home key immediately send you back to the home screen, you can disable the S Voice shortcut combo. To do this, load S Voice, then press the menu key and hit "Settings." Next, uncheck "Open via the home key." That's it -- with the shortcut combo disabled, the home button should respond immediately as opposed to with a very slight delay.

The same applies to other devices with S Voice loaded out of the box, including the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3.

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Etios says:

Yes, Disable all the gimmick features on the S4, then maybe you can get the same lag-free, smooth performance as an HTC One.

Remember guys, don't feed the trolls.

Channan says:

He looks really hungry though.

worknman says:

LOL, HTC fanboys talking about gimmick features (*cough* Blinkfeed *cough*). 'But you can install a launcher....' BHAHAHA! :) The HTC One is nothing more than a phone built for iTards and other simple-minded folks who think that a phone is a fashion accessory. And you guys know it's crap too. Why else would you be polluting S4-related articles with your drivel?

Raptor007 says:

So if you disable all of the so called "gimmick' features on the S4, then what is the point in getting it to begin with. It's a fair question and something Samsung should be asking themselves internally.

Sammy, needs to address the issues with how their features impact the performance of their devices, and add 32GB as the base model, not 16GB to save a few bucks.


peepeeho says:

I bought Note2 because I needed note taking feature. I really don't like other "gimmick" features. I am glad I can disable double taps.

If Samsung provides more customization features like double taps home button to bring up the app (not s voice) that I use most. I would be very happy.

Channan says:

Because not all the features are gimmicks? If disable all the gimmick features, you're still left with a lot of features that other devices don't have.

Kylecore says:

I have the Rogers S4 up in Canada and don't have any lag doing anything, must be something about the kernal of the at&t slowing it down because mines stupid fast!

triangle8 says:

Alex, thanks for the tip. I didn't realize that S-Voice was on by default. You guys are the best.

Kvoth says:

So why is the shortcut a double-tap and not a long-press? Seems stupid.

wolf0491 says:

Long press brings up google now I think. or recent apps but they defiantly do different things.
I was trying to disable that on someones phone the other day thanks!
I can't get used to the S4 at all after using a phone with on screen buttons for a few months...
I abuse the recent apps button lol

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the cool tips n tricks about Samsung Galaxy S4.

bergeronjc says:

It is not worth revisiting. I watch my wife use S Voice on her S3 every two weeks or so. It's very comical as to how it cannot understand common names of people.

Last time she tried S Voice I opened the Dragon app and said the exact same thing she said. Dragon picked it up perfectly; I tried it on S Voice and got the same random weird names instead of the names were trying to say.

Samsung does some things good but S Voice is not it.

bp240 says:

So something that works poorly in its early stages is not worth revisiting after major improvements? I'm surprised you're even using the internet right now considering how slow it was in its infancy.

Lou Rivera says:

Love there's always a none galaxy user talking about how much better whatever phone they have is on the galaxy blog. .... lol htc one is garbage had it and return it in two days.

I supposed when you samsung fanboys do the same thing on another OEM article its ok though. No need to respond because your answer is obvious.

I splooged on my friend's One...LOL

Eclectech says:

If the HTC One is garbage, then it's the best garbage ever. I guess not all garbage is bad. Enjoy your 8GBs of app space.

jrobb78 says:

It's all about customizing your experience, if you don't care to customize, there's a product for you. IPhone.

Thermalx says:

Great tip!

roltzje says:

Thanks, I was getting really irritated and I thought it was just how the home key was.. haven't had the s3.

Also, even without the software features, the s4 is still a brilliant phone.. so those are just bonuses. I'm talking about the 1080p,snapdragon 600,slim and light weight, camera, battery life

Thanks! Great tip-- articles like this are much appreciated.

Thanks! Great tip-- articles like this are much appreciated.

sapphire9215 says:

I have tried that over and over again, it keeps turning on by itself. I don't know what button I hit, but the s voice feature is constantly on and I want it off for good. PLEASE HELP?!?!?!