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Oh, Internet. How you love to make something out of nothing. A new trailer for Rovio's Angry Birds Space appeared today, indicating that the game would launch first on the Samsung Galaxy Note. At the end of the trailer, Samsung teased that a "galactic update" would soon land on the Note, along with a "premium suite." That, for some reason, has lead some people to believe (and write on the Internet) that the promised Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy Note may have been canceled.

Confused? The (warped) logic goes something like this -- Samsung reportedly once planned a "value pack" for the original Galaxy S (a phone which launched in 2010 with Eclair), in lieu of a full update to ICS. Therefore, because Samsung is using similar language here, it must also have dropped ICS for the Galaxy Note. Only, that "value pack" thing was bull, too.

So, yeah. In essence, it's nothing more than FUD. The idea that Samsung would leave the Galaxy Note, a flagship device that is barely four months old, on Gingerbread, is ridiculous. And to suggest it based on such flimsy evidence is irresponsible. The Galaxy Note, along with the Galaxy S II, was one of the first Samsung devices to be confirmed for an ICS update. The official line from Samsung has always been that it's on the way, and we've even seen fairly stable leaked builds for the GT-N7000 and GT-i9220 variants surface online in recent weeks.

So calm down, folks, we've seen absolutely nothing to suggest that the Galaxy Note ICS update is in any danger of not materializing. (When it gets it is another matter.)

If you want to check out that Angry Birds Space trailer for yourself, we've got it embedded after the break.

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Galaxy Note 'premium suite' coming soon (and so is that Ice Cream Sandwich update, by the way)


And why are they clueless?

My Vibrant is still on FROYO. Then, everyone says it's the carrier's fault even though every other OEM has to deal with carriers too.

Why isn't the Galaxy S international version getting ICS? Practically the same specs as the Nexus S. Carriers again? Even Samsung admitted it was because of TouchWiz that they couldn't update it -- TOUCHWIZ, something THEY put on it themselves. Was the Galaxy S (still, I believe, their most sold phone) not a flagship phone?

Think about it: the reason they can't keep up with the updates is because they have a billion different designs of the same product. (like the Galaxy S) Each with their own specifications and drivers that need updating. They chose to make a billion different designs (but basically the same product) and reap the rewards of selling more devices. But, when it comes to support? Forget it, they'd rather not "waste" resources on past purchases if it takes too much time and effort. (even though Samsung is the one who put themselves in that situation)

Is it wrong to criticize Samsung? Why not? Have they deserved it? Based on the shit they've already pulled, hell yes.

Defenders of Samsung are the clueless ones who've never owned a Galaxy S device. If you had one, then you would understand the frustration with this unreliable OEM. (who thinks they're Apple -- seriously, look at the designs and the way they price their crap)

Can't disagree with much that was said. My introduction to Android from an iPhone 3G was a Samsung Fascinate. I need say no more if you paid attention. My experience with this Droid X2 had been better. But I'd be lying if I didn't say many times I've considered going back to the other brand/OS. Not because I like it more. But support after the sale from the manufacturer & carrier is still a big gaping hole for Android I'm afraid.

I got my Samsung Captivate a week after it came out, and just two weeks ago I upgraded to the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy S came with Eclair onboard, and you got official Froyo, and Gingerbread, not to mention if you peek on XDA, there is loads of unofficial ICS. All I'm saying is that you got two full revision upgrades, something that Apple can't make happen without stripping out features.

You compare the GS to the NS, but thats ridiculous, you know the NS is running AOSP from Google. Like you said, Samsung said it was TouchWiz that is too bloat-y to update, not that the specs aren't good enough, so why bash them for that, they're being honest. TW brings a lot to the table that people like, a lot of stuff that wasn't built into AOSP Eclair/Froyo/GB and may now onyl be added to ICS.

End of story is you got upgrades throughout the life of your device, we have to face that 1.5 years IS the lifecycle of a phone, so go out, sign your new contract, and be on your way.

Samsung Captivate got Froyo update 6 months after release. And GB is 1.5 years after release. Just saying.

I'm already on my next phone long before GB was released for my Captivate.

Android update blows. Samsung is one of the worst.

And I'll stop driving my Mercedes and go back to a covered wagon because they refused to make the known issues with the radiator a recall.

At least that was an actual problem, unlike the false, vaporware problem here...

Can someone please explain why it is so important to rush to ICS with 1.x% adoption rate so far and just a few additional features. What is wrong with stable 2.3.x with lots of add-ons from the developers and humming along just fine. Why has the litmus test for good carrier/manufacturer now become solely whether or not a phone is on the ICS list or not. Oh that and a battery that goes all day but weighs .1 of an ounce with a 6" screen that is sized as a 4" form factor so it fits in the pocket better...

Its not important at all. I have the nexus and the note. 4.0 is not a big deal. I do like it on the nexus but for the note i feel it won't be as amazing as people think it will be. These comments usually come from people who haven't owned the galaxy nexus and or a galaxy s 2.

hardware acceleration, Chrome for Android (sure a bit artificial, but it's amaaazing), great task management, huge improvements for Exchange in the Email app, and built in proxy support are ones I can name off the top of my head, not to mention just a much, much better look and feel. I just flashed an AOSP build for my Galaxy Note, and it's amazing. It makes it feel like a new phone without TouchWiz (the people hub and AOSP Email app are so much better than sammy's shit in that area).

For me personally, I just want to run tablet specific apps such as Sketchbook Pro which supports both layers and pressure sensitivity.

I absolutely don't want Anger Birds on my note, along with whatever else Samsung maybe thinkling of trasbinvit with. Unless it is the ICS update. That I'll gladly take. Anger Birds, gag!

Come on people who cares about this ics nonsense, the note is bad ass without it. Do we really need to slide our notifications away or try face unlock. I say try cause everyone i known has got sick of it. Ics isnt gonna blow u away like this big beautiful screen did so give it a break n chill ics will come

And you know what? You absolutely right. Its not going to make it a better phone. I have the note and the galaxy nexus. Sometimes i run into compatibility issues with nexus. Using my nexus with pure ics is nice, but it has its draw backs. Everything works with gingerbread and touch wiz adds amazing features that you would never have using pure 4.0. Im not saying that ics plus touch wiz won't be awesome but i don't think people should go crazy for it. Most people won't even notice the differences. Im hoping that the upgrade will improve the ui and not mess up a good thing.

Face unlock is a gimmick. However, ICS is much faster and smoother on the same hardware, full GPU acceleration across the OS, handy data usage controls, and the camera software is much better. That's before you talk about ICS exclusives like Chrome which is great.

Let's look at the language here.

"Value pack" sounds like something cheap. The word "value" in front of something makes me think that someone made a lower quality version of something in order to lower cost.

"Premium suite" sounds like something much better. It implies luxury.

The way that a company's premium phone is it's flagship, top of the line. Meanwhile, a company's value phone is a crappier version that we might buy for our kids.

Premium suite is more than likely ICS with something else added. Maybe a bundled version with a special version of the Angry Birds Space game. Maybe some special optimized apps for the Note's bigger screen. Maybe some bloatware that no one will really care about.

The U.S. versions (thinking ahead) of the Note and the international version will definitely get ICS. Phones with CPUs of 1.2 and above AND with memory of 1 Gig will get ICS eventually. The problem is not software, but hardware, and rooted phones and ROMs prove this.

The latest Touch Wiz is fine and much better than older versions. Nevertheless I use Go Launcher EX and anyone with a problem with touch wiz can load whatever launcher they want.

ICS has proven speed advantages in how it uses hardware, but I will not update to it until it is out for a month or so, if at all. As someone else stated, the Note is fast. It works great with everything I throw at it, which is a lot.

This article by Alex Dobi is well written.

damn i feel bad for the note owners if this is true. im a samsung fan and love there galaxy series but if they dont keep there promise im gonna lose faith in them. ive always defended them cuz they started out shaky with the original galaxy s but they stepped up on the gs2. reading this article is really making me lose faith in them and im a die hard samsung fan. why samsung why...

u better update my hercules if not goodbye forever. wont care that u have the best hardware

ps. i know u can root but i hate crappy broken custom ROMs

The main reason people felt this way about the Galaxy Note was because Samsung is one of the worst OEM software supporters. They create too many phones, and then ditch them soon after they're sold. Droid Charge (Samsung's main Verizon phone during the Summer and Fall) got GB just 3 weeks before the Nexus landed with ICS.

Samsung does not deserve our respect, so that is why we are pessimistic about their software and lack of upgrades.