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Following a limited rollout in Russia and Poland, it seems more countries in Europe and Asia are getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Galaxy Note 3 today. Reports from SamMobile and the XDA forums point to a rollout for users in the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, India and Korea. The reports refer to both the LTE-capable SM-N9005 and the 3G-only SM-N900 getting the OTA today.

The update brings Samsung's big-screened handset up to Android 4.4.2, build KOT49H, with new-style notification icons and other minor UI tweaks, in addition to standard KitKat features like immersive mode, transparent notification bars and fullscreen album art. (Updaters should also be aware that some have reported issues getting third-party S View cases to work after the KitKat upgrade, though Samsung has denied any link between the two.)

International Note 3 owners — check for software updates, and hit the comments and let us know if you've got an OTA waiting.

Source: SamMobile, XDA


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Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update reaching more countries


Well done Samsung. Talked about the Note 3 getting 4.4.2 in January few months back but got laughed at.

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You and me both. That and AC didn't put the leaked docs up, like they have done in the past, to let people know.

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If you side load the Google Wallet APK from the Nexus 5 does Wallet now allow touch to pay on a AT&T Note 3 with 4.4?

When the s6 is out!

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Supposed to be around the same time, but I have not kept up on the process

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Hello friends, I have just updated my note 3 to 4.4.2 everything is smooth but there is some lag while scrolling in call log and contact

Not if ur rude no.
Anyways there aren't too many changes and isn't really much smoother or anything. The battery life is way better

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Because this is otherwise a baseless accusation?

Because this is otherwise a baseless accusation?


I just got mine too (The Netherlands), everything works fine, no much has changed, a few details here and there.
S-View Case works as intended, but I think that this one is official.

(Hitting the Update button like a maniac now)
Still nothing :'( I hope I do get it soon, supposedly my International unit is the same model as the one available in India o_O

Ha! The USA market will get it about the time the Note4 is released, if that.
Buy off contract, or international version if you ever want a stock update
in the USA, or, you'll have to go with an iphone, or T-mobile.

Wrong troll is wrong. Imagine that

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Samsung may finally have enough cooperation with carriers in the USA to avoid many of the previous delays. I expect it in April or so, around the time the Galaxy S5 shows up.

How is the SM-N900 3G only? I have AT&T's SM-N900A and it's 4G. Is it the "A" that makes it 4G? Or is the other countries SM-N900's 3G only?

Wow guess Samsumg got a lot of death threats after they f'd the pooch with the note 2 update. This is Samsung redeeming themselves in light of that catastrophic failure of a rollout of 4.3.

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I updated yesterday, nothing significant or nothing great. The hype created for 4.4 is not worth the waiting.

Going from 4.3 to 4.4 was always going to be mostly under the hood type updates. From an end-user perspective, reduced memory usage and printing support are the big changes. Note that Google can always release an update to Google Services that will add new "big" features that will update for MOST users without an OS update at this point, so the need for an OS update to get major new software features is a thing of the past.

I might give the Note 3 another shot when KK arrives. I had a Note 3 for three weeks and battery life was abysmal, but I think it was a lemon. I really miss the Note 3 camera, I got some amazing shots with that phone. However, I wish the dev community was a little stronger. Not many custom rom choices at the moment.

Yeah its great you've got the money to shell out 700 bucks on the spot.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

Yeah its great you've got the money to shell out 700 bucks on the spot.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

What a MAJOR disappointment!!! I waited all these months for NOTHING AND stayed up all night trying to update to Kitkat.. DEFINETELY not worth the wait.
Note 3 N9005 here

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Just upgraded here in Ireland and found a few problems. Biggest one is that battery discharges to 50% then goes immediately to 15%. Overall battery life considerably reduced. Called into Samsung support and got one rep who said there were two known issues; one being the accelerated battery discharge and the other was an instability in the WiFi connection. He didn't know when a fix was going to be issued and the only advice was to bring it in to a Samsung service center to get it re-flashed.

Anyone else see something similar?

Does anyone know when and if ever samsung plans to role out kitkat to unlocked note 3 users in Africa?? Hey samsung!!! we also paid the same price for the device you know