Galaxy Note 3

Carriers announce availability dates of Oct. 1 and Oct. 2, AT&T now offering pre-orders

Although all four major carriers here in the US have announced that they will eventually carry the Galaxy Note 3 and its companion device the Galaxy Gear, AT&T and T-Mobile have just rolled out their pricing and launch dates. AT&T has announced that it will open up pre-orders for the Note 3 at $299 with a two-year contract — or $35 per month on AT&T Next — in either black or white starting today. The phone will finally ship starting October 1st.

T-Mobile has yet to open up pre-orders — just a pre-registration page — but is offering the Note 3 for $199 down and $21 per month (for 24 months) on a Simple Choice plan. Oddly, the phone goes on sale one day later than AT&T on October 2nd. If you do the math, that pegs the Note 3 at about $705 full-price with T-Mobile, and AT&T has its off-contract price set at $725.

Also off-contract regardless of your carrier choice is the Galaxy Gear, which T-Mobile has pegged at $299 and we're going to assume the same goes for AT&T. Neither carrier has specified the color options on the Gears they will offer.

Source: AT&T (2); T-Mobile


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Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear availability confirmed on AT&T, T-Mobile


Even worse is the Mobile Gear watch at $300. Seems about $150 too much for what it is. Also sure that wait a month or so, and it will be just that. For a watch 1 day durablity is pretty poor.

I'm also wondering if eventually and sooner rather then later, they allow it to be used with the SGS3 and 4.

Yea they're going to roll out an update for gs4 shortly and gs3 and note 2 in Oct to enable the gear to work.

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I don't know. I was as skeptical as you when they announced it. I just skipped the part in the livestream where they were talking about it. But Samsung put out a video showing off the Note 3, the Galaxy Gear and the Note 10.1, and after seeing the functionality of the Gear, I am starting to think that it could be very useful.

But $300 is kinda steep. $199 might be the sweet spot for a device like that.

Ready to roll for the Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile October 2nd all is definitely grand.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

what the hell why tell OCT thats a long time to wait Tmobile. i sold my phone i can't stay without a phone t-mobile what is wrong with you. bring out the note 3 and the htc one max so i can make my decision

So you sold your phone before T-Mobile announced what day they will have the new device you want? And that's T-Mobile's fault? Going on sale just over 3 weeks after announcement is pretty quick, actually.

well i sold it because if i don't get rid of it the value goes down you already know when new phone comes out the old model goes down in sale value. it was the best time to sale it. now i have no phone. its not Tmobile fault but i think its better if samsung release new phones after announcement because many people sale there phones to buy new onces. now i have to stay without a phone for one month.

Yea hopefully Samsung sees your post and release the phone immediately!!!... Sounds to me like you shot yourself in the foot by getting rid of the phone without having a back up, lesson learned? Grab a cheap phone off craigslist or from a friend and wait patiently like everyone else.

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Yeah 3 weeks is a good turn around, your lucky that you do not have to wait longer. I would get one off craigslist if I were you, T-Mo usually has a bunch of cheap phones floating around there. Make sure you only do the exchange at a T-mo store so you do not get ripped off on the ESN

this is first time i sale my phone thank you for the tips. i need to have a cheap back up phone so next time i will have back up as well. im learning new to this

its hard to go back to windows phone not even for a day (blazer236ix)i tried it before i don't like the ui. ms needs a new UI. im used to Andriod now its what i like most. its very hard to go to another os

Can't wait I'll be there when the doors open at 10am.. Give note 2, to my son

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These prices are getting a little out of hand. They priced it like this because people will pay.

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+1, I was looking at the math, it seems they will make about $10 million extra with 100k people using payment plan. smh

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How do you figure? It actually comes out $20 cheaper going the at&t next route which if you add up the 20 months of 35 dollar payments it equals $705. They even said that in this article. READ!!!!!!!

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Ever heard of a sd card? Yea they make those up to 128gb now. And dont whine about using cloud or streaming. There will be a time whem you dont have service.

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I have a ton of options this fall and I'm glad I have them.
1. If the Nexus 5 comes in a 64gb variant, I'll definitely buy it.
2. If the Nexus 5 comes out in a 32gb version, I might buy it. Maybe...
3. If the Nexus 5 doesn't have suitable storage and KitKat isn't a huge upgrade, I'll grab the Note 3 and get the KitKat upgrade on my 2013 Nexus 7 and as a Google Edition rom on my HTC One.

Even though I'm not happy with the design of the Note 3, I do have to admit the note taking abilities would be nice for an aspiring journalist like myself.

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1. Not going to happen.
2. Good chance that won't happen either.
3. What if the 5 doesn't have the storage you want but KitKat is a huge upgrade?

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1. You're probably right...but I can hope.
2. I think 32gb is probably pretty likely. I would bet on a 16gb and 32gb variant. I think Google has indicated they are finished with 8gb after the release of the 2013 Nexus 7.
3. Good question. I really don't know. I guess I'll buy the Note 3, flash the Google Edition 4.4 rom on my HTC One, grab the KitKat update on my Nexus 7, switch between the One and Note 3, and patiently wait for Samsung to hurry the hell up with the KitKat upgrade.

64 isn't happening and 32 is iffy. I hope I am wrong on the 32.

I would also say a camera would be a priority for you and that is another thing that needs to be vastly improved before I can think of the 5

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That is $785 with tax for the Note 3 on ATT off contract. Thanks ATT now I will not be tempted to even go there.

Hey guy, google at&t NEXT. Its in the article, specifically for those who dont want to pay full price. But, what did you expect anyway?

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I just called AT&T to try to pre order. They claim that they have no idea when pre orders are going to start and would not take a pre order on a Note 3 for me. I wonder if this is only going to be in store pre-orders for the time being? As someone who is trying to activate new service with them I'm saying this is more than a little bit frustrating.

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Per orders with Att are a mess. You will get 6 different answers from 6 different people. Save yourself some aggrevation and just buy in store the day of release or preorder and just wait, but don't ask questions. Speaking with Att will just be frustrating. Employees don't even check their own website for details.

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Its time for Google to get serious about selling Nexus phones, in the same manner they have gotten semi-serious about selling the Nexus tablets.

These prices for OEM phones with skins we largely don't want are getting out of control.

Speak for yourself. Maybe you're talking about htc or lg. Samsumg puts up the numbers to prove they are the oem skinned phone people largely WANT. Noob, let me guess you're a nexus user dreaming it will someday be a premium device.

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