Galaxy Nexus

Canadian contract-free carrier Mobilicity has announced that the Galaxy Nexus is now on sale, four days ahead of the expected February 6 launch. The Nexus is available in stores for $599, and comes with a free Samsung HM1100 Bluetooth headset for a limited time. The device's availability coincides with the two-year anniversary of the launch of the Mobilicity brand-- it also comes one day before competing pay-as-you-go carrier WIND Mobile will begin selling the flagship device.

Mobilicity also announced a Valentine's Day-themed promotion to run from February 6 through the 17th. In-lust couples are invited to submit a video of their best kiss to the carrier's "Mobile Kiss Cam Contest" via Facebook-- winners will receive a free Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Mini, with six months of free unlimited service.

Mobilicity's full presser can be found after the jump. Canadians itching to take a bite out of Ice Cream Sandwich will find Mobilicity's product page at the source link.

Source: Mobilicity


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Galaxy Nexus launches on Canada's Mobilicity four days ahead of schedule


I'm right on the border, anyone know if I can buy this up north and pop in my T-Mobile sim? (or any of the other Canadian Nexi)

Click the link. It doesn't show that its locked, and the bands available on the phone cover both T-Mo and AT&T. Their roaming partner in the US is T-mobile so you know it will work.

Chances are you can just take your $600 across the boarder and buy one or have a friend do so. Since the price looks like an un-subsidized price they may just ship you one without a plan.
Just ask if its locked. I doubt it is. Its a nexus.

Verizon, please take note: This is how you are supposed to do a release, promise it to us on one date and possibly get it out earlier, not a month after the original date.

Some people just fail at reading comprehension, not to mention math. It's contract FREE, aka NOT subsidized. Which means you're not tied to a ridiculous 2 or 3 yr contract with higher monthly fees. The amount you'll save in 24 months is almost guaranteed to be greater than the cost of buying the phone outright. That said, it's not for everyone which is why you don't see everyone leaving the US big four for MetroPCS or Boost or Virgin Mobile. I just don't understand why US contract free carriers can't have nice phones like their Canadian counterparts.
On another note, if you need to pay $600 for a bj, then you also fail as a playboy. -_-

I went to Canada for the GNex in December of last year, but couldn't buy it because I wasn't a Canadian citizen. Even to buy off-contract, they will run a Canadian credit check on the spot (including for cash transactions). I went to 7 different cell places, same problem in each one. Can't say I didn't try. At least the trip wasn't a total waste because I went snowboarding too.

I had to import my Nexus online when I got back home... 3 weeks now and awesome device! My T-Mo SIM card works just fine.