Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster

You don't always want to have to choose between an easy snap-on cover and all-over protection for your phone. Sometimes it's more convenient to have the option to switch things up as and when you need, and that's one of the main strengths of Qmadix's snap-on cover with holster for the Galaxy Nexus.


Firstly, you've got a basic snap-on cover that's finished in soft-touch plastic, with a grooved pattern on the back for easy gripping. This can then slide into the holster component, which is equipped with a rotatable clip for attaching the entire package to clothes, pockets or bags. The inside of the holster faces the screen, and is so it's lined with a soft material to avoid scratches. And the cover, holster and phone all lock together securely, meaning you shouldn't need to worry about working its way free or falling out of the case while you're out and about.

The case's best feature by far is its ability to clip onto clothing, and offer multiple levels of protection based on what you're doing. If your phone is in your pocket, simply use the snap-on cover alone. If you need to clip it onto a belt or throw it in a bag without risking screen damage, just attach the holster and you're good to go.

The Qmadix Snap-on Cover with Holster is designed for both the international GSM Galaxy Nexus, as well as the Verizon LTE version, so whichever model you have, the case will fit snugly.

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Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster


Reader comments

Galaxy Nexus case review: Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster


I purchased this case and within 24 hours of purchasing my phone the phone came out of the shell when pulling from the holster causing my nice brand new Galaxy Nexus to hit the concrete. Left a really nice scuff. This not only happened to me but the same thing with a friend and his Razer. I went out that afternoon and purchased an Otterbox. I would not recommend this case to anyone. If you got this case make sure you have insurance, cause your going to need it!

I purchased this case on day one for my GN. I love it!!! I have had no problems what so ever. Do not hesitate to buy this. I have pulled mine out of the holster 100 times or more and have not had any issue's. Maybe people need to learn how to remove a phone from a holster and make sure that the cover is on securely. This is highly recommended you won't regret it!!

Wow maybe since your so smart you should make a video of how to put the phone in the cover securely and remove it from the holster. Better yet why dont you teach a College class on telephone holsters. You must be an absolute jackass to believe that your the only one that knows how to do this. I made an honest and informed comment based upon my experience with this case. I bet you work for the company that made this crap since you have the audacity to make such a stupid comment.

I bought the case on Ebay for $19 shipped. Had it for weeks now. And im 28, I like a clip. It does have a kickstand also. But its pointless because theres no way for the phone to sit face out and view stuff with it. But Ive been using it for awhile now. No problems whatsoever.

jimpia17 is right. If your phone fell out of the shell, then you had a personal malfunction. You can rip on jimpia17 all you want, but the fact remains that you screwed something up. Originally, I would have assumed that you made a one-time error. Your follow up post makes your personality abundantly clear and causes me to suspect that perhaps the phone was in the shell upside down or backwards.

I bought this shell/holster last saturday and haven't had any problems with it at all. Like all cases of this style, it's a bit difficult to get the shell to slide out of the holster for the first day or so. After using it for a while, the surfaces smooth out and start to slide very nicely.

The one improvement I would suggest is a cutout on the bottom of the holster so the phone can be charged while it's in the holster. It's a VERY minor issue. I'd just like to be able to charge it without having to remove it from the holster.

Also, the case does not have a kickstand, but the holster does. It doesn't work very well for viewing content because it's not possible to slide the phone into the holster with the screen facing outwards. All you can do is sort of prop the phone on one of the side clips and hope it doesn't get bumped. I suppose it might be useful if you wanted to leave your phone propped up somewhere to take a video or time-lapse photos, but that's about all it's really good for.

Edit: The material and texture of this case DO work with the Clingo stands. I wasn't expecting it to work due to the ridges on the back of the case, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is the one I use: http://www.clingo.com/on-the-go/universal-mobile-stand

Dan, as I said before I made a comment based on my own experiences with this case. For someone to later post that maybe some people should learn how to use a case is insulting. So yes I might have been a little upset when I replied. To make the assumption that I have a personality disorder from my response would be incorrect on your behalf. But then again your entitled to your opinion. Enough said on that nonsense. Its ashame that some of the case makers do not take in to account that people may want to leave their phone or tablets inside their cases. I made a slight modification to my portfolio case for my xoom tablet so that I can charge it without having to leave the case open. So far its been decent. I found a few other forums that were quite helpful when I was attempting to modify my phones case to mount on my recumbent trike.

It's amazing a review wouldn't mention whether it supports the OEM extended battery. Those sorts of omissions amaze me.