Cyanogen tweet on G2 board files

According to files inside the leaked engineering test ROM for the G2 that recently showed itself, the phone is confirmed to be using a MSM7x30 Snapdragon processor, which has the high-octane Adreno 205 GPU on board.  That's the same graphics chip that the Glacier was showing off a few weeks back.  That really fast one. Yeah.

Speaking of the Glacier, we also got a tip that some upcoming hardware will be running the 7x30 board as well, namely the Glacier itself, the Speedy, the Blitz, the Mecha, and the Spade.  But like a Froyo rumor, things like this often change.  [@cyanogen via Android and Me] Thanks Adwin!


Reader comments

G2 confirmed to use MSM7x30 CPU; other new devices rumored to as well


At least their GPU is somewhat keeping up with the PowerVR in the Galaxy S phones. But it would be nice if they actually would lead in performance instead of trailing. I like the variety of HTC phones and have and have had many but Samsung is coming to market with better photo and video recording, and a much faster GPU. HTC just is just playing catchup with all the non-CPU parts.

I wish Qualcomm would dump their crappy Adreno and go PowerVR like everyone else.

That being said, I'm glad to see HTC fixing these parts, I still like all the variety they provide.