Verizon Samsung Droid Charge

Fear not, Samsung owners -- your Droid Charge is still a Droid Charge. An e-mail sent this afternoon and Verizon's own website seem to contradict that, calling it the "4G LTE CHARGE by Samsung." But Verizon has assured us that "there has been no change to the product's name."


Verizon Samsung Droid Charge


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FYI: The Droid Charge is still the Droid Charge

13 Comments place says its not a Droid branded phone and the other says it is. The site doesn't have the phone anymore...makes me wonder

Yeah. Saw that, too. And the product page says Droid Charge.

I got that from Verizon corporate PR, but that certainly doesn't mean things might not change for future phones.

I had the Charge. I never had any issues with it. Ran great & display was amazing. Rooted & rom'd with Eclipse & it was awesome.
But then I got a G. Nexus. That is more awesome.

I wouldn't be surprised if VZW were trying to refocus the "Droid " brand name to meaning high-end Motorolas. Notice the HTC Rezound wasn't given the " Droid " designation even though it's one of Verizon's best equipped Android smartphones.

So wait, they were still charging money for that thing? They should have been paying people to take them.

Ha, I received this e-mail from Verizon last night and found it ironic considering I've had the Thunderbolt for the last year. Nice try Verizon, but I'm not signing up for a 2 year contract for a phone I consider inferior to the Thunderbolt! :P

I noticed the lack of "Droid" as well, but then I realized that it didn't mean they changed the name of a phone already out. I think it's the same thing how they often refereed to the Droid Incredible as just the Incredible for a lot of things.

Ok, give me a heads up here, should I upgrade my wife's phone to the Droid charge since it's free, or should I wait till 4/1 when the Rezound is $100 off at the VZW kiosk at BJ's wholesale club? Her D2 is and always has been a serious P.O.S.

P.S. she is NOT techie like me, and even though I HATE her D2 ( I have an O.G. Dinc) she really just wants a decent camera on her phone, cuz moto makes crappy cell phone cameras.