AirAttack HD on Android

You might have noticed AirAttack HD Lite in this week's app picks. And if you haven't played it yet -- especially on a tablet -- you're definitely missing out. But even after its recent upgrade to add a second level, we still really want to see the full version see release.

And it's coming on March 11. Tucked into the game at the end of the second level is the teaser, which we've confirmed with the developer. We'll see the full version of AirAttack HD coming in just a few more days. And we can't wait.


Reader comments

Full version of AirAttack HD is coming March 11, developer says


The game is awesome on the Droid X . I can't get it to run on amy Nook Color so I'm assuming it requires Froyo. Seems like it would make a great Tablet game for sure.

Flawless on the Nexus One 2.3.3 Gingerbread (Stock)
about 99% of the data is installed on the SD too ... minimal internal memory usage (like 300kb)

Same here on my Galaxy S with 2.2.1 on it... just showing up quickly in the download bar then disappearing again... wth? Would love to play this =)

The game's very unstable for me - Nexus S 2.3.3 (stock ROM)
Seems to play when it wants to. It crashes most of the time when starting a new game. About half the time when continuing a saved game, and sometimes when transitioning between levels. When it does play, it plays good. The graphics, the music, the gameplay it self - this would be one of the best android games if it didn't crash so much!

I had CM7 running on my Nook Color and this game worked great. I recently switched to HC 3.0v4 and it's no longer available in market on my is available in the online market but it will not let me download it to my device.