Well what have we here for you Droid Incredible owners? Looks like some folks over at XDA have landed the download files for Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Sense. Fear not, it is said that all features are working in this download, no missing camera like you may be used to. So, well, we won't hold you back any longer, hop over and download this leak, and be sure to let us know in the forums what you find. *Keep in mind you will need to flash the previously leaked OTA prior to flashing this leak. [via XDA]


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Android 2.2 Froyo with Sense leaks for the Droid Incredible


This pretty much is officail so stable, fast and some pretty good 720p! I'm really happy with my one year contract that I got "stuck" in lol.

I'm afraid. If I knew how to back up my Incredible and successfully restore it, I'd jump into Froyo. I want to know if anyone else has already installed this leak.

*Keep in mind you will need to flash the previously leaked OTA prior to flashing this leak

What does this mean? I have a rooted DI with no custom rom. How do I know if I have this and where can I find it if I don't?

There was a leaked update that came out for the Incredible a couple of weeks ago (it had 720p among other things...still 2.1). You have to load that first before loading this new update. Being rooted won't make a diff...its a working zip that you copy to SD and update.

Titanium backup is the best for restoring apps with data like games save s and stuff but you have to be rooted I would buy the full version because it auto restores without having to install each one. And if your not rooted use unrevoked 3.1 then make a nandroid backup using clockwork recovery and it will take a full backup of your phone in the exact state it is in.

Ps: this rom is stable as crap and there is a lot more apps everything in the leaked ota + flashlight with three levels, app share, fm radio widget, htc news ( rss) and the crappy vs navigator for some reason lol

Man!This means that the real "official" official FroYo update from HTC is imminent. And I thought that this phone was great enough. I can't wait to see what else Droid Does!

Big day for us Incredible owners. First the camera fix from Cyanogen, now this? I might have to mark this on my calender...

With my luck I probably won't see this OTA until the 15th lol! Hope I'm wrong. I just don't know the method VZW uses to push their updates.

I think it's disabled but you can always manually install it probably before you would have got the ota. On another note the accelerometer rotates to the left and right now which is nice.

Knowing AT&T, htc aria wont get froyo for a few months after the official htc release for all other carrier phones.

Just got 2.2 on my incredible and it is amazing I really hope VZW comes out with this soon the minor and major tweeks are exactly to get this phone back in the Android game gotta love the devs!!!!

Ok. I downloaded the file, but it will not let me install it from the phone. How do I install this Froyo update?

Works flawless, smooth and tasty. Hitting 1114 in Quadrant and 38 MFLOPS in Linpack. Flash, 720p, news apps and widget, App2sd all in one nice package.

HAHA FINALLY I beat someone on MFLOPS lol but seriously isnt this so sexy! Long live Froyo!

This phone was mega fast before so I don't consider an increase in speed a noteable feature. That's like saying your Porsche now goes 230mph instead of 200. BATTERY LIFE, that's what I want to hear about.

Now can someone doctor this build up a little so it works on the Eris?! Does anyone know of a good Froyo w/Sense ROM?!

I followed moyeboy's instructions and mad a Titanium backup and then also did a nandroid backup in clockwork recovery mode. Then I went to the XDA site and followed the instructions. I had to update my radio firmware because i had an old version so it took a couple extra steps. After that I loaded 2.2 froyo and just like it was stated everything it there and it works great. I would say the whole process took me about an hour because I am an very very new newby. I have never done anything like this before.

Flashed it last night and now Im rocking Froyo works like a charm have yet to find any issues. I jumped to 39 mflops after installing it JIT rocks!

Whoah! Obviously I am a total newb when it comes to modding my phone, but this is awesome. I followed the instructions at It scared me to death a couple times, because I thought I had bricked my phone. During the boot sequence, it stops at the droid eye with 2 dots on the right for several seconds. Anyone else who is taking on this endevour, make sure you install Unrevoked & the drivers before you begin.

real world use i can tell no difference whats so ever. benchmarks probably are good like they say, it'll probably work much better in high processor required programs on an individual basis, but overall with the UI and going from program to program no faster in my opinion

So people are posting that their benchmark scores are better...what about real-world use? Are your programs launching/running any faster? Is there less stutter when scrolling the app drawer? Are scrolling web pages any smoother?

I have found less leg in startup scrolling and the opening and closing of programs the real world application is seen time and time again in my INC after the flash

Works great except on mine my gps stopped working, however i seem to be the only person with the problem. i've tried hard reset of everything, can't seem to get it to work, i'll go back to eclair and see if it works.

Same issue with GPS here. I've reloaded 2.2 several times and tried clearing the cache. Can't seem to get it to work unless I step back to 2.1

REALLY hoping that Froyo includes the missing SPP stuff so that Bluetooth will actually work with my 2008 Grand Cherokee and my Plantronics 925 headset. In the meantime, I'm rocking my wired earpiece (which was impossible to find).

Followed the instructions, and most everything works, except my browser now crashes when i view a page with flash. In addition, Swype doesn't work in most cases. However, Swype does work in my google talk. Anyone else have the flash issue???

So i got home from work and formatted the phone. When it booted up for the first time, it said i had successfully upgraded my phone [which it never did when i loaded 2.2] and once it was up and running, flash was working fine. Time to test swype!

I told myself that I would only root my phone if a froyo rom became available; I now have a droid incredible running 2.2 flawlessly, as far as I can tell. Everything seems to be working, although it looks like sense hasn't changed much, visually. I was hoping it'd take a few design cues from the stock 2.2, but running LauncherPro is close enough.

A few notes for anyone interested:
-Starting from a stock phone, all of my applications, data, and everything else made the transition perfectly, with the exception of fring which now force closes.
-there used to be a slight amount of lag when scrolling the apps list and zooming/panning in the browser. This seems to be completely gone.
-verizon has added many more applications that cannot be uninstalled. The ones off the top of my head: skype, 3G hotspot, htc flashlight, amazon mp3. The most obnoxious is their VZ Navigator app which costs $9.99 a month and vies with Maps for opening all addresses.
-battery life seems to be slightly worse, but that's only after one day of use and really too soon to tell at this point.
-a new google top news/weather widget
-rudimentary htc rss app. All feeds need to be added by hand
-gallery app seems more animated when rotating/deleting pictures, but otherwise pretty much unchanged
-easier to add attachments to the messages app
-interesting google news app. Able to choose news topics that are shown, and create custom ones which are basically nice looking google news search results
-sense makes 2.2 visually much less different than stock

I installed this ROM and cannot download anything from the market. Is this a bug or does anybody have any tips? Is there something I have to change? I get a force close error every time I try to d/l something.

The Sense also comes fitted with a vibration sensor that detects when you get back in the car and automatically reconnects to your phone to ensure that you are always hands-free on the go.

Once installed and connected, the Sense will announce the names of incoming callers so there's no need to take your eyes off the road to know who is calling. Simply say the word "Answer" or "Ignore" to respond.

With voice dialing over Bluetooth, one tap of the Sense will allow you to make calls using your voice.

The Sense provides best-in-class sound with rich audio quality. The Sense's high performance speaker and integrated digital signal processing technology deliver clear calls with loud, booming audio even in difficult conditions.

The Sense also features built-in A2DP functionality so you can hear podcasts, streaming music or GPS turn-by-turn directions from applications on your phone played back through your BlueAnt device.

Blueant Sense Bluetooth Car Kit in Retail Packaging