Froyo for Captivate

Here it comes, Samsung Captivate fans! Android 2.2 Froyo officially is headed your way on Feb. 24. On its Facebook page today, AT&T says it's coming "tomorrow." Here's the full skinny:

Great news for Samsung Captivate owners! The Android 2.2 upgrade is coming tomorrow! We’ll post a link here to the Samsung site with instructions to install the upgrade tomorrow.

The official update comes on the heals of that leaked KB1 update, which we showed you mere hours ago. And chances are it'll be the same as what gets pushed out. Stay tuned this week for complete install instructions.

And now, Verizon, it's your turn. Thanks, Greg!


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Froyo for the Samsung Captivate officially pushing Feb. 24, says AT&T!


I'm guessing when Samsung said updates by the end of the year, they meant their fiscal year? Hope the update goes good for all you captivate owners.

I dumped my Captivate last week for the HTC Inspire...oh well. Samsung ruined it for me. I will think long and hard before buying another Samsung Android device.

I897UCKB1 as in "I897 U CK B1" as in "I897 You Sick/Suck Bone".
Will it live up to its name?

All I can say is finally and a few expletives...

I jokingly called it that they would release the update while I am on vacation, to a few friends. I'll be darned, the day I leave for Disney they are doing the update, guess I will just have to wait till the 1st to get the update.

Or 2.2.2, which has all the latest fixes. Still, one more Galaxy S phone is getting an official upgrade to Froyo and that's fantastic.

Glad they finally released it for those still on stock, but I really expect to be staying with Cognition. I love have had 2.2 since October, when it was supposed to have been release, with no Samsung or ATT Crapware on it.

VERIZON, YOU SUCK....can you hear me now! You're always last at everything, newest phones, software updates...etc. The only thing you are 1st at is charging your customers the highest fees for service!!! You really do deserve all the bad press you are getting over this fascinate/froyo debacle. Heres to your quarterly profits being way off and your stock being delisted someday... Signed a disgruntled fascinate owner. Oh, and don't look down your nose at Sprint because they just blew past you as did AT&T.

Hey dude, sorry you bought the wrong device, I'd be angry too, but do a tiny bit of research and you'll see that Samsung devices are always the last to get updates, if they ever get them. AT&T is the worst carrier for android and charges basically the same prices as Verizon with less coverage. And Sprint's stock has been in the toilet with their coverage for years. Next time buy an HTC or Motorola if you want updates sooner. BTW, only Samsung owners care about that bad press. It pertains to the Captivate on ATT and Samsungs on other carriers too.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's the best carrier for Android? I'm just wondering since the captivate is my first smartphone. (I just got it out of habit because I've always used samsung's regular phones.)

I just updated to Paragon RC6 and that's were I'm staying until XDA fixes whatever Samsung and AT&T ruined on this release.

Ive been running Froyo since at least October, and now im thinking about selling my Cappy and getting and an Inspire 4G. Im glad that the captivate is finally getting some froyo love though

My bill is no different than my friends on Verizon and there are very few places I go without full 3G coverage. I can't speak for other areas, but MA has good service all around (I even get service in places my verizon friends don't).

True I have friends on Verizon that complain about their bill and I have the grandfathered unlmted plan on ATT and I pay less..LOL.

OMG, LOL finally my cappy gets a backbone..LOL. I'm laughing because I made my mind up to get the Atrix and now they're pushing this out..LOL.

Thanks to everybody at Android Central for keeping us Cappy users up to speed...
Can't wait for the update!!

It's about time. I got my Captivate in October being told it'd get Froyo by December. My Droid and EVO 4G have been both running 2.2.1 for the last few months and now the Captivate will finally get 2.2. Not very exciting considering the Nexus One is getting 2.3.3.