Froyo leaked for the Galaxy S

Froyo leaks are coming out of the woodwork, and next up is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.  Some friendly Samsung hackers in Amsterdam got ahold of the leak and are hard at work getting it ready for download.  Hopefully, they're in a quaint coffee shoppe un-watermarking and prepping things and not locked away in some harshly lit basement :)

The download is scheduled to be up at 1200 Amsterdam time (that's 6 a.m. EDT/ 3 a.m. PDT for those of us on American unstandard time), and you'll be able to find it at Samsung Firmwares.  Be warned -- this isn't for your Vibrant or Captivate just yet ... give the developers a few hours to get it ported over, we'll let you know!  [Samsung Firmwares via BriefMobile]

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GKrumm says:

Great news. The Captivate is gonna be a whirlwind on 2.2

rufflez says:

This makes me giddy :)

Mptrh336 says:

I wonder if we'll ever see any roms on the Droid x...

Mptrh336 says:

Or better yet Verizon could just release the Fascinate already!

xtrememorph says:

argh.. so close yet so far........... i need the fix.. please....

icebike says:

I wish AC was nailing down sources for this phone rather than telling me about hacks for a phone I can't even purchase.

gbhil#AC says:

Amazon. About 650 US unlocked. Nobody has imported in the US in large numbers yet, but PureMobile (1-800-507-8819) claims they will have it soon (unlocked) and price on a phone that was part of a bulk purchase should be a bit lower.

So basically, nothing to report :)

rufflez says:

Alright Vibrant and Captivate devs... get to work. I want to be able to port something to my Epic when it comes out next month (probably).

fbrubbo says:

What about installing this ROM on Captivate? Being the same hardware, it should work, right? Probably, it would unlock the phone, right?

rufflez says:

No, I was looking into porting it over... We need a Captivate boot image.