Android 2.2 Froyo Internet hot spot

Internet tethering -- over USB and as a wireless hotspot -- is one of the bigger features built into Android 2.2 Froyo. And it's stupidly easy to set up and use. Just dive into the main wireless settings, tap the appropriate button, and connect your computer.

Check out the video after the break as we walk through the process and do a couple of very basic speed tests.


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Froyo Feature: USB and wireless hotspot tethering


lol, you seriously don't think Verizon will find a way to lock it down. I want to see if they treat the two platforms differently since palm probably hasn't sold very many devices on their network.

ITT - 12 million desktop icons lol.

Nice walkthrough Phil. Looks awfully darn easy. Now all we need is the carriers to let it fly.

I live in New Orleans and I always use the server in Hammond for my speed test. My speeds are always the fastest when I test with Hammond, and it's the one suggests for me anyway.

That looks so sweet! stuff like this makes me wanna jump on over. Now, all I have to do is wait for a high end android device that is sold directly by tmo.

Indeed it does! I recently tethered my MacBook when on vacation. What a kick it was to surf the net while DH was driving us to lunch at Margaritaville in Panama City Beach, FL!!
I LOVE my Incredible!!!

Why ask Google? Works fine on other platforms (including BSD) because it follows standards. Any OS that can recognize and accept a standard wired network connection over USB should work.

I'm not a Mac user, so I'm not much help, but dig around for methods to connect a cable modem to a Mac via USB and start from there.

Seeing the latency and throughput on this video reminded me why I just paid the ETF and fled from AT&T.

That must be 3x the latency I see on T-Mobile, even in a non-HSPA+ market.

I have gotten some pretty good speeds over USB tethering on the Droid with 2.1. Was able to watch movies online without pauses. My daughter uses my phone to play online games on the laptop while we drive. I've found the speed is all dependent on where you are and what you are connecting to.

My 64-bit XP laptop wants me to install a driver for a device called "Android Phone." I don't think USB tethering is going to work until I do it.

Do I need to install the Android SDK for this, or can I just grab a single driver file somewhere? Thanks for the help.

Update: I've tried downloading some 64-bit Android drivers from various forums, but none have worked so far.