Fring (Market link), the popular all-encompassing VOIP/chat/Skype/all-things-communications app, just updated its Android application, bringing a new look and new features.

  • High up on everybody's wish list was an honest-to-goodness dialer, and it's there now.
  • The buddy list has been updated and now shows your friends' pictures and mood line (from either Skype or Fring).
  • You can now personalize your profile with a picture, and edit your mood, e-mail address and phone number.
  • There also are a number of voice improvements, links now work and the chat screen, plus other bugfixes.

Fring is free. Update your current version now, or you can download from the Android Market. [Fring]

There are 3 comments

Anonymous says:

I like where Fring is going functionally. But their cartoonish silly look is so horible in my eyes that I it very unlikely to be installed on my device.

needsmoar says:

Fan of what Fring is doing but ya their graphics look like its made for some 4 year old. I guess thats their "look" for their brand or whatever, man it needs to change or at least offer themes to look more pro.

Until they add Facebook chat functionality it is a not worth the memory in my device.