Fring out

Late last month Fring announced fringOut calling -- cheap calls to regular telephone numbers from the Android client. And it's now available (coincidentally on the same day Skype opened up to the rest of Android) in an updated Android app. FringOut allows you to call phones worldwide for as low as 1 cent a minute. Not only does that make their pricing extremely competitive, it also makes it so reasonable that it's hard to justify passing up a deal like that up. Of course, if only Fring and Skype would kiss and make up, it'd make this a much more interesting story.


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Fring launches fringOut calling just as Skype opens up to Android


"As Low As" . . . is just a marketing line. Where I call its 10c/min with Google Voice from my EVO. landline and Cell. . . FringOut charges 5c for landlines and 12.1 for cell... I only call cell phones so I think i'll stick with the GOOG

Skype is having a login issue, many of us can't login (myself on AT&T Captivate)

Rest assured that we know our ids and pw

Do you guys or gals actually read the info on the app BEFORE downloading it?
It clearly states Galaxy S phones are not supported....
Do not trash an app just before you did not learn to read.....
Than includes

Fring actually has a business plan. I'm not sure Skype does.
Bring has deals with a number of voip carriers and earns some revenue from them. Fring out should add to this.

The part about Fring that blows Skype away is the multiple transport capability. You could use it as a single standalone IM client for a lot of services.

The thing that is maddening about this is when you do use it to manage several IM accounts you can't tell where your contacts came from (which account). You have to open each contact to see the icon.

You can't even be sure what account(s) you are signed on with unless you kill that particular plug in and add it in again.

It never tells you who you are or where how your contacts connect to you.